Pisces, one of the most difficult signs of all. You will always have a hard time to understand decode Pisces personality traits as they are emotional by nature and tend to live in their dream world. Utterly detached from the reality of the world these people love to create their own harmonious fairyland in mind so that they can feel as loved as they deserve to be.

However, they know that to keep up their imaginative insight and to express what they feel in their heart is not as easy as a cupcake. They feel alone as only a handful people understand their personality. So if you know a Pisces and are confused about him/her, here are some Pisces personality traits that will give you a better insight of who they are.

1. Love And Affection Are All They Need.

They are not hungry for love and affection, they desperately crave it. A Pisces always want their closed ones to love them unconditionally, however, they don’t go asking for it. They need constant pampering and that’s the only thing that keeps them the happiest.

2. They Are Creative As Hell.


Their vivid imagination allows them to explore all the possibilities. They are often bored with reality hence they come up with the most creative world ever. They have a knack for drawing, writing, painting, singing and all the things that count under the creative realm.

3. A Pisces Will Always Be Loyal And Faithful.

One of the best Pisces personality traits is that they are devoted to the core. These people are utterly empathetic and caring. They always stand by people who are closest to them and make one hell of friends and lovers.

4. Crowded Places And Loud Parties Isn’t Their Scene.

The fish needs its space to swim into the imaginative water. The fish is an introvert and shy person so rather than being a part of a social gathering or loud places, it will always prefer to stay alone or a bunch of people who are close to its heart. However, it makes sure to appear all dressed up.

5. They Are Sensitive Soul!

Pisces love with their whole heart and when someone who they really admire does something out of the way, it hurts them deeply. They expect so much that they end up being disappointed frequently.

6. New Experiences Are Always Thrilling.

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One of the things that keep hidden in Pisces personality traits is, they are adventurous with people they are really comfortable with. They love new and exciting things.

7. They Accept Everyone.

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Pisces never judge at the first meeting. They welcome everyone with open arms, however, if you make the cut and manage to become someone they would like to keep in their lives, they will stick around for forever.

8. Generosity Runs In Their Veins.

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A Pisces will always be generous and kind to the people. These people tent to help others and make great sacrifices for others’ happiness. That’s what makes them a good friend.

9. They Love To Live In A Fantasy Land.

Daydreaming is their favorite hobby. They are so creative that they prefer to stay away from the harsh reality of the realistic world. They find it hard to keep up and come back to the world we really live in.

All these Pisces personality traits will make you understand them a little better. They are amazing people, be a little patient so that you can enjoy their amazing company.

Avni S. Singh

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