Well, no one is watching while you are curiously reading about the little but important secrets your stars tell. All of you zodiac enthusiast know that you just can’t resist knowing about your love life according to your zodiac signs. While we have covered a bunch of zodiac topics in relation to your personality and life, we have another one that will reveal the one thing that you hate the most in your partner. So much so that this one thing can actually lead your relationship to a dead end.

Now, do you want that or you want to tell your partner that he/she should refrain from this one thing? We have already made it sound so dreadful, however, you have to read for yourself if the connection of your zodiac sign with the stars is spilling the truth or it’s just a big fat lie that has nothing to do with you.

1. Aries

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Oh, Aries, god forbid if your partner is clingy. You just can’t stand a person who gets dependant on you and looks for constant attention. You feel suffocated. Tell your partner to have their place and give yours as well, everything will work out just fine.

2. Taurus

Taurus Zodiac SignYou are the bull, you love to be in authority. The one thing that you absolutely don’t like in your partner is their incapability to respect you. You just take too much pride in your self-respect, hence you will never jeopardize it. Not even for your partner. Not being respected is something that makes you feel detached to a person.

3. Gemini

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You are so vibrant in your life that you want every color in your palate. While you can adjust with other emotional barriers you just can’t compromise on humor. Yes, if your partner is boring and has no sense of humor, there is no way that you will end up with him/her.

4. Cancer

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image source: astrologyzone.com

You sweet emotional creature. Cancer, you are so emotional that sometimes you just get scared of your feelings. One thing that you hate the most in your partner according to your zodiac sign is when they become AWOL. Aloofness is something that y6ou would never want in a relationship.

5. Leo

Leo Zodiac SignYou the king of dominance. The lion inside you cannot bear the thought that your partner will ever try to take over you. You hate when a person you are in a relationship with tries to overpower your position as an alpha. You hold the crown and you hold the right of the power play.

6. Virgo

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You work hard for everything in your life. You are basically a perfectionist who would never stop until the goal is achieved. So if your partner is someone who is lazy, lacks ambition and is not bothered about his/her life, you would absolutely hate that.

7. Libra

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Libra, you are already pessimistic, you have a melancholy attitude in life. So basically you need a person who can only emit positive vibes. The one thing that you hate the most about your partner is their negativity. You are already full of that and you don’t need it from someone else. As simple as that.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac SignYou are intense and emotionally powerful, however, you know that you have major trust issues when it comes to relationships. You just can’t stand lies or the act of misinterpreting reality. You absolutely hate people who are liars and manipulators.

9. Sagittarius


Love is not the dish in your main course menu. However, a good partner never hurts when you are in the middle of your adventurous life. The one thing that you hate the most about your partner is when they ask you to settle down. You just get scared of the thought that you will have to live a stable life.

10. Capricorn


You are one of the most honest and loyal people in the world so it wouldn’t take much to guess what you hate the most in your partner. You just can’t stand fake personalities and unstable people. If your partner is anywhere close to this, you will ditch that person for good and never look back.

11. Aquarius


Your imaginative thinking and free spirit allow you to break the societal norms and make your own rules. You don’t want someone who could not understand about you. So when your partner fails you to provide the freedom and tries to bind you in restrictions, a sense of hatred stirs in your heart.

12. Pisces

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What would you do with your delicate heart Pisces? You are the most sensitive of all so the thing you hate in your partner is the lack of sensitivity. You just can’t bear the fact that someone you are in relationship with neglects your feelings.

Shhh! We aren’t gonna tell anyone that you read all of the zodiac signs just to judge other people.

Avni S. Singh

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