Astrology plays a major role in disclosing insights of your characteristics. The stars alignment reveal secrets about our emotions, character, and personality. Sometimes their calculation fits so accurate that we wonder if we already knew this or chose to overlook it. We all, somewhere try to ignore things about our own self, owing to the assumptions that there is nothing more to know that we are already aware of. However, that’s not true.

There are many things about our personality that we tend to overlook because it’s easy to ignore or run away from them. However, these are the attributes that need more attention. So let your stars be your guide.

Here is one thing that you always run away from in your life.

1. Aries

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You are so afraid of getting trapped in a relationship that you never really want to commit. In fact, you just can’t stick to anything. Be it a job, a city or a place you just can’t stay there for long.

2. Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Sign

You are so in love with mundane life that you never want it to change. It would be better to state that you are afraid of change. You don’t want to leave a person, you would stick to the same job. Basically, you are too afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Gemini

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Unlike Taurus, you loathe a mundane life. You just can’t boredom. You need excitement and you are always looking forward to doing something new.

4. Cancer

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You always crave stability, whether emotional or financial. You are shit scared of the thought that someday you may not be able to have dinner and have to sleep empty stomach. The thought that you can be so poor gives you creeps.

5. Leo

Leo Zodiac Sign

You are the supreme leader so it’s not really hard to guess what you can’t stand in life. It’s simple, you love attention so much that you can’t imagine yourself being ignored. You are dreaded with the thought that someday people won’t acknowledge you.

6. Virgo

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it’s not that you are flawless and you know it. However, you manage to project an image that’s perfect. You are scared that people might notice a thing or two and criticise you someday.

7. Libra

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You practically want life to be a party surrounded by all the loved ones. The fear of loneliness runs too deep in your heart and you never want to be alone. Be it in office, family or love, you just want someone to be there.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

You hate and absolutely can’t stand failures. Either in professional life or in personal life, you just abhor the thought that you might fail. You make sure that nothing goes wrong that can lead you to fail ever in life.

9. Sagittarius


You don’t want to deal with restrictions ever in life. You want to wander wherever you want, talk about anything you feel and enjoy your life. Boundaries aren’t really your cup of coffee.

10. Capricorn


To have a superior social status is really important to you. Your reputation is something that you take very seriously. You absolutely disgust the thought of public humiliation as it can hurt your social image.

11. Aquarius


You are a born rebel. You just can’t blend with the pre-decided societal norms. Losing yourself under social pressure is the last thing you want in life. You just want to live like free soul.

12. Pisces

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Your dreamy soul is exceptionally sensitive. All you want to do is love. However, the thought that you may not receive the love you give scares the hell out of you. You just can’t handle rejection from someone that you absolutely in love with.

It’s ok to have one or two characteristics that are fear driven. We all love to have a comfortable zone and live inside that. Is what you stars suggest stands true for you? How about telling us in the comment section below?

21 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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