How You Behave In Love, According To Your Zodiac Sign!

Love is in the air and why not? After all, it’s the most romantic week of the year. Valentine’s day is almost here and all the hearts are breathing love and only love. While some choose to express love extravagantly, some people keep it safe in their heart. We, humans, are all different but when it comes to love we chose to act a little crazier. Well, that’s what happens but how do you really behave when you are in love?

That’s a perplexing question, isn’t it? Because who thinks while expressing in love, right? However, have you ever gave it a thought? You may have excelled in your relationships or you have made a complete mess out of them, either way, you actually don’t know what is it that makes your relationship better or fatal than others. The answer is simple, it’s just you and your behavior. So now that we have piqued your interest in – how you behave in love – this is what your stars tell us according to your zodiac sign.

1. Aquarius

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At first, you get cold feet as you love your freedom and your aloofness. However, when you actually realize that you have lost your heart completely, you accept the change and actually become one hell of a lover. You go beyond your limits to keep that love in your life for forever.

2. Pisces

The world knows that you are super romantic, so when you fall in love it’s almost like a fairytale. You are so sensitive that you turn that romance into the most precious feeling ever. You love hard and pour all the emotions that you have in your heart. You don’t think about your ego, you don’t fight, you don’t complain. When you are in love it makes you the happiest.

3. Aries

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However you may be in life, but love is all about intensity for you. You don’t like to play games in love. You want honesty and loyalty. You become fiery, exciting, and adventurous in love. Sometimes it scares your partner but it’s also refreshing.

4. Taurus

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You are in love with the feeling of love, that’s how lovesick you are. When you fall in love, you like to show off so much that you want the world to know it. However, you keep testing your partner which sometimes give them a really hard time to understand you. Taurus be patient and don’t be so hard on them.

5. Gemini

Your split personality makes it difficult for you. When you fall in love you constantly keep your charm game on. On the other side, you get shit scared and turn off your feeling. It confuses your partner. However, the one that really stole your heart will always stick around as no one can resist you Gemini.

6. Cancer

Cancer you are a giver. You prioritize your relationship above everything. Your demands are less and you give it all. When you fall in love, you become the most caring, thoughtful and reliable person ever. Your partner will be lucky to have you.

7. Leo

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You usually don’t fall for people, they fall for your charm. So when the case is reversed, you actually panic. Your Feelings get all mixed up. However, as soon as you sort your inner dilemma, you become confident about it. You then come out as the most honest people of all and take charge of your relationship.

8. Virgo

You are so protective of your heart that you tend to shut your feeling at first. However, when you actually realize that you cannot fight love, you become the kindest person ever. You don’t want to get hurt, nor do you want to hurt someone.

9. Libra

You are all about equality. You don’t want an upper hand when it comes to love. You like to keep it balanced. You always focus on the happiness. It’s always about you and your partner both. However, you suppress your disappointments and anger in order to keep your partner happy which sometimes backfires.

10. Scorpio

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Love scares you the most. It is simply because you either give it all or don’t give a shit about it. You hide your feelings till the time you are sure about them and you take every step with caution. You know that you fall hard and if anything goes wrong it can destroy you, so, you tend to overthink everything. You get confusing, complicated and irrational. However, when your partner gains your trust, you give them the world. You make an excellent lover.

11. Sagittarius

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You are very optimistic in life but when it comes to love you always need to be assured that your partner will give you the space you need. You are the most playful and adventurous lover. You become an open book in love and provide a comfortability level that makes your partner love you even more.

12. Capricorn

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Capricorn you are the practical lovers. Yes, even the most beautiful feeling of all makes you think twice before you commit. However, after you are done with your pros and cons, you give in. You are very protective of your partner and you don’t mind running extra miles to make love work. You are not a person who believes in fairytales, you believe in making one for real.

So now you know how you behave in love. Is it stands correct for you?

Avni S. Singh

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