You never know when it’s the right time to get married. I mean you can either wait for the perfect partner to come around or get settled for someone who does not even deserves you simply because of peer pressure. As soon as we hit 24-25, our elders start advising us to get married. No matter if we are ready or not. The truth is we are not afraid of the partner we are getting hitched with, we are afraid because we are never sure if it’s the best time to get married or not.

What if, we wait a little longer and things turn out to be a fairytale, just like we always desired or what if we say no now and never find someone to spend life with? It’s so perplexing and it seems no one has the answer to this puzzle.

The truth is no one actually knows the best time to get married. It could be in the early 20s or in late 40s you can never tell but your stars can give a much-needed insight. Your zodiac sign makes it easier and gives you the closest answer. Shall w begin then?

1. Aries

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

Always chasing one thing or another, you are a volcano of passion. You are completely unstoppable and rush into things easily. You just can’t handle the calm flow of a river. Be aware, you might fall for infatuation easily and confuse it with love. Slow down a bit and wait until your 20s are over. If you seriously want to get married soon, the late 20s will do.

2. Taurus

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You always look for security stability in life. You want a relationship that completes you and keeps you safe. You will never make a commitment until you find a person who gives you all that. So go ahead, and get married whenever that person comes along as your calm and steady personality will keep your marriage harmonious.

3. Gemini


Your twin personality makes it a challenge for you when it comes to commit to someone. You are always looking for freedom as you don’t want all the fun to stop. However, you love being in love. It makes you happy yet you need a clarity of thought before diving in. Maybe in your 30s will be the best time to get married.

4. Cancer

cancerYou secretly love the idea of getting hitched but you need safety. You can easily fall for someone but as long as you don’t feel safe with them you won’t seal the deal. Don’t be scared of marrying at any age, if your partner is meeting your needs go ahead and marry for good.

5. Leo

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You are demands are real high when it comes to get married. You want to be treated like the special one and anytime can be the best time to get married, until unless your partner is giving you all. You will never rush to make the decision as you want your life partner to be perfect. So take time and when the right person comes along, say yes and spend a happy life.

6. Virgo


Your determined nature isn’t only towards your career, it’s also in your relationships. You know how to achieve your goals and that’s why even if you get married young, it won’t be a problem. You are confident and have the much-needed focus people want in life.

7. Libra


You love the idea of marriage and spending rest of your life with the one you love. You are likely to get married at young age, however, you should wait until the late 20s. Just be patient, the right person is there and waiting for you.

8. Scorpio

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This one is really difficult for you. You have a very passionate, intensive and possessive nature that can either drive your partner away or connect with you intensely. It’s almost impossible to suggest the best time to get married to scorpions. You also have trust issues and a lot of other insecurities. You should work on these first and then get married or else your partner can divorce you.

9. Sagittarius

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You love your freedom and you seek a partner who allows you to be the way you are. Unless you find a person like this, you will never commit. You would rather live alone and never settle down than marrying a person who would put a leash on your freedom.

10. Capricorn

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You are a workaholic but you are not at all afraid of responsibilities. You love challenges and you like to face them with pride. The idea of marriage works perfectly for you, it’s more like a stepping stone for you. You are loyal and dedicated, so you can get married in your 20s.

11. Aquarius

source: marieclaire
source: marieclaire

Just like Sagittarius, you too are all about freedom and you have a really hard time to let it go. But you need security before you commit. You might run away from marriage all your life, however, someone who shares exactly your thoughts might change your mind. It can happen at any age. So, basically anytime is the best time to get married for you.

12. Piscespisces

You dreamy soul, you tend to get lost in your thoughts and pave your way to your imaginative world. You need someone with a lot of patience, who would wait for you to come out of your bubble of thoughts. You are unlikely to get married young as a lifelong partnership will never come that easier. Late 20s or early 30s may be the best time to get married.

Now that you have the answer, it’s time you clear your head and focus on everything that needs your attention.

1 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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