Aries, the fire sign, the first in the zodiac which transits from March 21 to April 20 each year.

The Aries woman is more than what meets the eye. She is fierce, full of life and lives life on her terms. Here are a few things which you might not know about the Aries woman.

1. She is independent and a force to reckon with

The first of all signs so not surprised here! The Aries woman loves her independence as this gives her the wind beneath her wings. She takes her passions seriously and doesn’t stop until she checks everything off her to-do list. She is someone who will listen to what others have to say but ultimately follows her heart!

2. She is high on energy 24*7

An Aries woman is a big bundle of energy! She is super active and mostly the one who plans everything. There is never a dull moment when an Aries woman is around. Literally, the life of every party!

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3. She knows what she is doing

Passionate and focused about her life, an Aries woman has a clear path set out for herself. Her present and future plans are sorted because she knows what she wants to do in life. She will stop at nothing to fulfill her goals. She is probably the girl who always came first in your class!

4. She is a daredevil

Risk is a word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary of an Aries woman. She is extremely adventurous and daring in nature. She doesn’t care about risks be it in business, relationships or anything of that sort. She loves getting an adrenaline rush and is a true adventure junkie by heart!

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5. She will be rude sometimes because of her upfront nature

She doesn’t like it when things divert from her plan. She may go off on someone who is late or doesn’t complete a task she has assigned to him. She never holds back or backbites. She will say it on your face because that’s how she is – bold and unafraid. But her motives are always pure as she only wants people to not make mistakes. She is quite a perfectionist who believes in working hard.

6. She is extremely loyal and fiercely protective

She keeps her loved ones close. She will be honest and practical in all her friendships. Her loyalty can never be doubted on. Being bold, she will take upon anyone who messes with the people she loves. Like a lioness protects her cubs!

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7. She might not win but she will never quit

‘Winners never quit and quitters never win.’

This quote is best suited for the Aries woman. She will keep pursuing her goals until she meets them. Even if she doesn’t, she will never stop trying until she does. Her never giving up attitude leaves people awestruck.

8. She is the Queen of multitasking

The Aries woman can juggle multiple projects. She is super talented but will never brag about it. Her passion and zeal will never cease to amaze you. She can be the jack of all trades!

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