Self-destruction is the fatal flaw of our personality. We don’t even realize when we become the villain of our life. It takes just one incident to turn on that mode and years to get rid of it. While every person is a beautiful amalgamation of constructive and cynical traits, there are some that need to be eliminated and taken care of, for our own sake.

We are our best enemies. We might put blame on others for living a life that keeps agony attached to it, however digging deeper into our own hearts can shed some light over such traits or merely a single habit that is ruining our life. The celestial planets and stars have a magnificent theory of each zodiac sign and here we have listed that one habit that may or may not be responsible for your suffering.

If this stands correct you should just put a stop on it and build your life better.

1. Aries

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You are pessimistic to the core. There must be a reason behind it that is hidden in your past. You must let go of it. Your pessimistic nature is pushing your loved ones away. It’s better to surround yourself with positive energies. Make an effort to come out of negativity and make peace with yourself.

2. Taurus

Taurus Zodiac Sign

What are you afraid of? You need to let go of that fear to live your life fullest. You cannot possibly control it. Just leave it to the fate and enjoy the beauty of unpredictability. Living an unfulfilled life is making you miserable.

3. Gemini

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Playing safe isn’t the rule that applies to life. Do not settle for less for the sake of others. You cannot keep everyone happy and it’s time you start giving yourself the much-needed importance. You have already hurt yourself way too much in the process.

4. Cancer

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You need to keep your emotions on check. Sometimes you get so overwhelmed by them that you end up making decisions that you regret later. Don’t be so sacrificial and stop being so hard on yourself. You deserve the love you give away.

5. Leo

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo the thirst of being the strongest one is in your nature but being vulnerable once in a while won’t make you weak. Be truthful to others, let them inside your heart. You might be surprised by the love you receive. The whole ” I am too strong” act is suffocating you.

6. Virgo

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Past is meant to stay in past. Holding on to it would do no good to you. Don’t spend your life looking back, just be strong and move ahead. Let it go. You have blessed with life and you should make the most of it.

7. Libra

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Stop thinking that you need someone to define you. Get out of any toxic relationship in your life. Just because you have been there for long doesn’t mean you need to stay there. It will be the best decision you can make in your life. Be a little selfish and let others come to you.

8. Scorpio

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Life cannot be spent alone. You may feel you are too tough to need someone but eventually, you will. Stop pretending you’re okay when you are not. That is sheer arrogance and that’s keeping you away from all the good people in your life. Just put those guards down and admit that you too get hurt and need someone by your side.

9. Sagittarius


You seem like a person who stays in the moment but the reality is that you just can’t forget and forgive. You have a habit of crawling back to the past and that’s why you keep demolishing your happiness. Take risk, and move ahead. Say yes to life.

10. Capricorn


Out of all, you are the one who will go beyond your capabilities to be hard on yourself. Stop it. You can’t excel everything. Your need to be perfect is making your life a real mess. Just set your priorities straight and work towards them. Everything will fall into place.

11. Aquarius

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You overthink to the moon and back.You never really take a risk and that’s why you miss many opportunities in your life. You mostly kill your happiness, in fact, it’s not wrong to state that you are a villain in your life. Don’t just sit and wait for the right time. All of it is now.

12. Pisces

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You just can’t make peace with what you already have. You don’t appreciate how blessed you are. You keep running after things that seem better but all of it is not meant for you. You already have everything, all you need to do is open your mind and look closely.

For your own betterment just take the guidance of your stars and refrain from making the same mistakes. It will only make your life better.

8 December 2017
Avni S. Singh
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