Things That Will Make You Understand A Capricorn Guy Better.

Capricorn guys are complicated when it comes to love. You will find that even though he is aware of his feelings, he is acting way too strange than ever. It’s not their fault though, they have never felt the hurricane of emotions like they do in love, which makes them perplexed about all the things. He is the most stable guy of all yet he is stubborn. He is very practical yet full of deep emotions.

If you are dating a Capricorn guy, believe us he is the real catch and if you want to understand him better, here are a few things that we have listed according to his zodiac sign.

1. He Is Not As Mellow As He Appears.

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A Capricorn guy may seem shy, conservative and boring but that is till you peel the inner layer of his personality. You need to gain his trust and after that, you will find out that he is actually a rockstar. They are spontaneous, funny and a good company to be with.

2. He Is The Man Of His Words.

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A Capricorn guy is very responsible and punctual in his life. He will always reach on time and he will always take care of the bill. They don’t promise easily but when they do, they tend to keep it unbroken. You will always find this quality of him, extremely attractive.

3. He Is A Friend In Need And Indeed.

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Before you jump into a lovey-dovey relationship with him, he will make you his best friend. He will be the same friend to you as well, that’s his way of building trust. He is very giving and he never asks anything in return. He actually is the most generous companion you could ever get. He will give until it hurts.

4. He Is The Problem Solver.

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A Capricorn guy may wear his heart on his sleeves but he remembers to carry his brain with him. He is one of the most logical people ever. He is excellent at finding solutions to all sorts of problems because when put in such a situation, he thinks from his brain. His logical approach towards life makes, many things easier.

5. He Is The Sensitive Sweetheart.

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O, dear girl! If a Capricorn guy has trusted you with his heart and promised you his love for life then you better not hurt him ever. Make sure you are keeping his trust intact as you will be rewarded with all sorts of surprises in the world but if you hurt him, he will get back to his shell and you never know how much time he will take to trust you again.

6. He Is Constantly Thinking About The Future.

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If you are not sure where this relationship is going then leave all your worries and ask him directly because he knows. He was always thinking about you as a potential partner and he was always raising questions in his head, such as: How would you be as a mother of his children? Would you be able to cope up with his family? How would you look when you will get older? Can you be the perfect partner in crime for life? Believe us, he has given a thought to all the aspects.

A Capricorn guy is an intellectual creature, he is the perfect blend of heart and brain. If you are having difficulties in figuring out, what he is up to, just have patience and let the time reveal the best version of him.

28 August 2017
Avni S. Singh
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