It’s often said that one should never judge a book by its cover. The statement indeed stands true in the book and book cover department, and along with that, it points a crucial finger at human behaviour and how there’s always something to look beyond in a person. What seems at first couldn’t always be correct, and certainly not the only truth to know about someone.

Part of their truth might come from their personal experiences and the other part can be derived from the group they belong to, the kind of friends they have and more importantly the zodiac sign they are.

Different zodiac signs possess different characteristics that somehow influence the reality of theirs and everyone, even the person connected to them should be aware of it. Here are certain things that differentiate a Libra woman from others and makes them stand out from the crowd. Check six of them out here.

1. She is a hopeless romantic

If you’re with a Libra woman or planning to be with one then rote learn one thing, they are one of the biggest and most special kinds of hopeless romantics who dream of love every now and then. She has mounted these unrealistic expectations in her head and you better be ready to take them all into consideration.

It’s also said that those who dream the most about love often fail at it in the beginning, but that doesn’t let them stop her from believing in a fairytale ending.

2. She’s balanced in her thought process

No matter how careless you think she is with her decisions and life process, but she is definitely one of the most balanced people in terms of taking a decision about what’s right and wrong. Plus, you can always count on her in being the mediator in a conflict where she will never take the side of someone close to her but rather of someone who’s correct. This isn’t to say that she always knows how to choose between head and heart because she doesn’t, but she somehow knows how to make a rational decision by going through the two.

3. She is everyone’s friend

Because of her shy and relaxed attitude among everyone, a Libra woman tends to make friends with anyone and everyone. Plus, these are the friends who come for her again and again because they like being around her. She can come to rescue for her friends, no matter what time and place it is.

4. She hates confrontation

If there’s one thing that makes her both a good and a bad friend then it has to be the fact that she hates confrontation and does anything and everything to avoid it. You can’t make her come up straight and say what she wants and does not want from the other person. This is also the reason why she tends to be friends with everyone and continues to be on good terms with them.

5. She loves both going out and staying in.

A Libra woman is someone who enjoys her time while indulging in both the calm and staying in the rule, along with going and about with her friends and partner. In short, you can plan and execute any kind of plan with her and have a blast while being at it.

6. She is indecisive

The problem with finding a middle ground between the two extremes and living her life on that idea often puts her in a spot where she becomes indecisive with what she wants. You can just sense it in everything that she does and says. Plus, the need to be perfect all the time in whatever she’s doing, also plays a major role in these characteristics of hers.

Now that you know a lot about how a Libra woman thinks and lives her life, are you ready for the girl who loves finer things in life and enjoys having fun and being friends with almost everyone? Share this one with your favourite Libra girl and let them know how special they are.

Jyotsna Amla

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