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How Is Delhi Working To Get More Women Behind The Wheels Of E Auto!

If you truly wish to make a family independent and get on its feet then educate its women, liberate it and empower them. Heard that one before? Well, in this part of the 21st century where it’s no longer a man-rubbing-shoulders-with-a-man world, women are rising. Rather, to be more specific, women power is rising. There’s quite frankly nothing that women can’t do that men can- isn’t it?

Whether it is chairing top level meetings in the dazzling corporate world or even partaking duties in the sphere of public transport, women are driving discussion and beating old biases. And frankly speaking, in doing so, they are writing their own course of history.

And to paint this encouraging picture with an even more inspiring narrative, news from the country’s national capital has great plans for more women participation toward driving E autos.

Yes, you read that right. The government of Delhi is working toward encouraging more and more women to get behind the wheels of E autos.

In what clearly appears to be a really positive development one that aims to bring about a greater sense of economic well being among women auto drivers, here’s what the Transport Minister Mr. Kailash Gahlot had to say on the matter:

“We have taken multiple initiatives to encourage more and more women drivers, which include not only reserving 33 per cent e autos for women but also relaxing height restrictions so that women can drive buses of Delhi Transport Corporation.”

Now that being said, it needs to be stated in no uncertain terms that where it comes to reserving a certain percentage of E autos for women, the reserved percentage will be subjected to a total of 4,261 E autos.

That, mathematically speaking, means no fewer than 1,406 E Autos will no be specifically reserved for women.

Now, if that’s not an encouraging step in the right direction- then what is? Moreover, in a bid to get more women to get behind the wheels of E autos, the government of Delhi is also keen on the concept of joint ownership of the said vehicle.

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But, how does that work out.

The concept of joint ownership is on a new high at the moment since it’s not always possible to find more women who have a driving license and could buy an auto.

On this particular initiative, this is what Mr. Gahlot further added, “We have given the option of joint ownership and co-registration can be done.”

Moreover, here’s what’s even more exciting- one needn’t pay the entire cost of owning an E auto all at once; the driver can pay back the entire cost in installments and own the vehicle after a few years’ time.

That being said, it is being reported that the administration in Delhi has even roped in more NGOs so as to encourage more women participation in driving E autos.

Furthermore, there are educational workshops as well as interactive sessions that are being held in the national capital with one aim and one alone- to encourage women further toward the E Auto revolution if one were to put it like that.

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