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Positive News From Delhi: National Capital To Get Largest Sewage Treatment Plant By Dec!

If you actually come to think of it, then you’d realize that city of New Delhi is actually a marvel as well as a dirt in the eye. Confrontational statement? Random claim? Probably not, and just the truth.

It’s a marvel for the exhaustive history it’s been a part of, whether you think of the great Mogul era or it being the epicentre of some key events during modern India’s greatest chapter: the freedom struggle.

But at the same time, New Delhi has also picked up some dirt in the eye for the way it has let the pious Yamuna river slip away from its grasp; what was once a clean and beautiful river has now, largely become, a cesspool of dirt and filth.

Numerous plans over the years have been implemented and rather unsuccessfully so, to revive the fledgeling condition of the mighty river only for the average citizen to note that the administrations have allowed huge sums of money drowning down the drain.

But now, it seems that India’s mighty capital has finally unearthed a mega idea that can save what was once the free flowing river (Yamuna) and a cornerstone with which one had come to describe the versatile city.

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India’s largest Sewage Treatment Plant

If all goes as per plan, then by the end of the year, i.e., toward December- Delhi will get what is being described as its largest ever sewage treatment plant. This STP (sewage treatment plant) will help the capital city to ensure that the 1,362 MLD worth of dirty water that chokes the river doesn’t actually end up choking what is one of the most polluted rivers of the world.

But the construction and establishment of the city’s largest Sewage Treatment Plant is no easy investment and has, therefore, required substantial amounts of capital investment.

The largest sewage treatment plant (as on date) is being made at an approximate cost of Rs 665 crore and will come up about in Okhla. This STP is set to have a capacity of 564 MLD and is already being described as one of the largest of its kind in the entirety of Asia.

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But that being told, what’s key to note is that whilst this seperate STP is being built in Okhla (southern part of Delhi), there are two other STPs that are coming up in divergent regions cross India’s national capital: one each at Rithala (at a cost of Rs 211 crore) and Kundli (at a cost of Rs 239 crore).

Meanwhile, Mr. Asok Kumar, Director-General, National Mission Clean Ganga had the following observations to note of the mega Development:

“Overall, Delhi will be able to treat as much as 1,362 MLD of dirty water falling into the Yamuna, which will be a big boon for the river. If that treated water can be put back into the river, we can improve the quality of flow as well.”

But since this is no ordinary work and is, in fact, major construction work, the Delhi Jal Board along with the National Mission Clean Ganga is working round the clock to ensure that the construction work is rendered complete before the monsoons strike.

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