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Singapore Makes A Beer Out Of Treated Wastewater!

Forget Ale. Think beyond India Pale Ale. Move ahead of Porter or Pilsner. There’s literally tons and tons of beers that we have around us. But have you ever in your life heard of a thing that is perhaps as crazy as a beer made out of treated wastewater? To a country in whose ebb rests myriad developments in the new global economy, a land where banking and commerce interlink beautifully to sustain tens of thousands of households, Singapore is always buzzing.. always thriving.

And in proving just that Singapore has come out with NewBrew, the name given to a brand new form of beer that’s been made out of treated wastewater of all things.

First things first, just how many of us even saw such a thing coming? What- a beer made out of treated wastewater?

But well, these are the times one lives in! Sustainability is the key word. These are times where every oz of water saved, quite like money, is like water earned or generated. And when you can save a hell lot of water, then why not brew something fuzzy and fantastic out of it- right?

Never short on surprises and always laden with a great spirit of adventurism, Singapore’s latest feather in the cap, it ought to be said, is like a new pint of beer.

So here’s what you need to know about Newbrew, a completely new orientation towards beer.

For starters, it tastes like the normal beer. The primary constituent of this one of a kind beer is Newater, which is actually Singapore’s brand of a very high quality, clean water. It’s high quality recycled water, to be precise.

And the reason why bars and gastronomical pit stops across the city were buzzing on April 8 is because that happened to be the date where Newbrew was launched. One reckons, there could not have been a better timing of launching the special beer for the launch was parallel to the Singapore International Water Week, also known as SIWW.

All of that being said, here’s diving into some pertinent details about the beer one may never have heard of before. According to the Straits Times, the following info highlights the true facet of the beer that Singaporeans would quite like to gulp:

The new beverage highlights not only that Singapore’s recycled water more than adheres to international standards of safe drinking water, but that it is also clean enough to be used in beer brewing.

This process usually requires clean water so as not to contaminate the taste of the malt, hops and strains of yeast, which are carefully controlled by brewers to produce their craft beers.

Newbrew made its debut in 2018, when it was launched by PUB and Brewerkz to mark the 10th anniversary of SIWW. The beer was served during the conference, although it was not commercially available then.

Moving on, affordability is one of the key drivers of this ready-to-drink brand. After all, the beer, being sold in a pack of three cans, is priced at $4.50 Singapore dollars (per can). Have you grabbed yours yet? Well, the time is now. Singapore has truly demonstrated how to convert sustainability into a beer-guzzling affair.

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