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Positive Stories From India: Woman Creates ‘Mini Hill Station’ Using 3000 Plants In Noida!

Of late, there’s been a burgeoning discussion as to which particular parts in the Delhi NCR have more green covers and which bits are evidencing a decline in the same. To some, it’s Noida that has more green cover than, let’s say, a Gurgaon or Delhi and to those who belong to Delhi or Gurgaon believe it’s their city that has the maximum green spaces over and above the other geographical clusters of the Delhi NCR.

Though truly speaking, the one with maximum green cover, it was recently found out, was Ghaziabad, not any other cluster. So largely speaking, when any discussion pops up about a Noida or Gurgaon, then the talks are largely confined to these being vital zones contributing to the economic development of Delhi on the whole.

You know that feeling you get when all around you- mostly speaking- are largely huge commercial complexes and increasing urban development with very little reserved for ecology and those things.

But what is- well and truly- interesting is that thanks to the effort of an understated but sincere woman by the name of Alia Wasim, it appears that Noida is beating the conventional talk surrounding it and getting more ‘green focus.’

Source: The Better India

Now you might ask how that is in the first place? So here is what you need to know.

The lady by the name of Alia Wasim, a resident of Noida, has on her own created what is being called a ‘mini hill station’ of sorts and that too, in the heart of the constantly moving and forever buzzing commercial setting that is the New Okhla Industrial Development Area.

Truth be known, we have heard of people who go out there on a plantation drive and convert a barren looking space into one that is brimming with plants and trees and whatnot. But few are those who actually convert their own residence into something of a mini hill station needing nothing more than a curious eye to utilize plants effectively.

The latter is that Alia Wasim, who is originally a native of Kodaikanal, achieved and that too, single handedly.

Now, if that is not some positive story then what is?

A closer look at this Noida native’s house suggests that there are plants growing everywhere, climbing and growing in pots that are all around. But as they say, necessity is the mother of invention, in some ways, what Ms Alia Wasim achieved was also born out of a necessity.

So what was it? She’d observe that due to being cramped for space given the natural restrictions that apartments impose, there was always something that she couldn’t grow. And yet, despite all of that, Ms. Wasim planted 15 different saplings, but maybe that wasn’t enough.

But an opportunity presented itself when she moved to a new space wherein she had the freedom to begin from scratch as the space has no plants as such.

There were some interesting facets shared on The Better India’s platform about the impressive story that beckon a read:

Today, the house and its surroundings are filled with over 3,000 plants. There’s hardly any space that hasn’t been covered by lush greenery. Alia maintains an organic garden by using natural homemade manure only. She prepares various types of fertilisers and bio enzymes. She has also set up a compost pit for her kitchen waste and sometimes collects household waste from nearby fruit and egg sellers.

Furthermore, here’s what Alia Wasim had to say on her feat: “I was never used to heat and pollution. After shifting to the busy city, all I could think of was the shade and coolness of the trees back home. But I’ve worked hard to create this mini hill station in the city itself. Now, I say no to holidays and road trips, because this place itself is heaven!”

To sum it up, it’s rather impressive that a single person undertook the onerous effort of growing as many as 3,000 different plants. Can the others who have rather lavish open green spaces and gardens follow suit?

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