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Excellent News From Noida: A Toilet For Transgenders!

In a country that still has to cover some ground in dispensing equality and fairness to persons belonging to different genders, think transgenders, homosexuals and transvestites, how brilliant a piece of news is the coming up of the first toilet for transgenders?

The first ever toilet for transgenders has come about in Noida, the beating heart of development and economic growth of the massively large state of Uttar Pradesh.

That Noida has, in some ways, set the precedent for positivity, change that we must all believe in and admire with sincerity, the onus now rests on the other cities of Uttar Pradesh to follow suit- isn’t it?

As a matter of fact, why only Uttar Pradesh- why not the remainder of the cities or states? When are the Delhis, Mumbais, Bangalores, Chennais, and other prominent cities of an India that at the drop of a hat talks about unity and equality, too follow suit?

What’s rather terrific about this toilet for transgenders is that the facility has come up at the metro rail facility. And it’s brilliant in that the metro rail is used, on a daily basis, by persons from different walks of life, those engaged in myriad vocations.

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So when there have been basic hygiene-infra facilities such as toilet for men and women, why can’t there be a toilet for transgenders?

Having said that, it’s important to delve into the details of this bright development:

“In its efforts to provide safe space and prevent gender discrimination against transgenders, we have provided the designated existing toilets be accessible for the transgenders on an urgent basis,” shared Ritu Maheshwari, Managing Director NMRC on the development.

The toilet for transgenders is, fundamentally speaking, a toilet for all, that is open to all and poses no restrictions whatsoever on matters related to gender or identity, which is such a positive.

While surely there’s time before our society does begin to walk the talk on matters related to ‘equality and inclusivity,’ such change is really the need of the hour and must make many sit back and take notice about a real shocker:

How opening of a toilet could actually mean such a big deal to so many. Imagine the plight of this marginalised community that, for the sheer lack of basic infrastructure, had to eschew nature’s call for until now, there never really was such a thing as a toilet for them?

Now that this has actually come about, a key question that remains to be answered is whether this piece of development will be covered about as widely and necessarily as are other news updates.

The ones that we see as breaking news highlights pasted widely onto our Tv screens!

In other words, news updates that you and I regularly feed on, and are interestingly considered and published as NEWS in the first place! Take any of the following:

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