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Why Budhni, The Small Town Of Madhya Pradesh, Is Making Great News?

While Madhya Pradesh is home to the lively, energetic and thriving metropolis of Indore, which to many in India is not just the cleanest city of the country but also a foodie’s paradise, and Bhopal, among the greenest cities of the nation, it is a little known town, a Nagar Palika in the Sehore district by the name of Budhni that is making news. And not just making news, but garnering praise and plaudits from all corners of India.

So why is that? Just what is it about Budhni that is making positive news at the moment that not only press publications but websites are painting the town of perhaps no more than 25,000 in rich colours?

Well, believe it or not, but Budhni in the state of MP is on its way to becoming the India’s first water-plus city. But there’s something vital that we need to know. Budhni is primed to be the country’s first water-plus city where it comes to the small city category.

As a matter of fact, the city that became India’s first-ever water plus city ever was Indore. Now, Budhni is on its way to follow suit. And that’s not all; there’ll be massive work that’ll be done in the domain of education, employment, health and environment in the small city besides making it more beautiful.

This is just one of the reasons why the CM of MP, Shivraj Singh Chouhan is so excited about the development. Here’s how Budhni came into limelight of late:

Recently, the able leader (CM of MP) was visiting the MP-bound city wherein he inaugurated a sewerage system in the heart of the small town. This was built around the cost of INR 44.56 crore. Furthermore, Budhni also made news regarding fresh infrastructure only recently inaugurated by the CM, who also happens to hail from the very city.

It is believed that new construction and development works worth INR 59 crores were also inaugurated in the city. One of the key highlights of the inauguration was a Bhoomi Pujan that was done at the site of a key project, an event widely attended by the denizens of Budhni.

Now here’s how the sewerage plant is going to aid the residents: within a month of time, the wastewater of all the houses will be reaching this plant.

Furthermore, let’s dive into some interesting details covered by Free Press Journal on the news:

Chouhan also announced opening of CM Rise School in Budhni. He said that youths would be imparted training in ITIs along with coaching institutes to prepare for examination of government services. To connect the youth with self-employment, Employment Day is being celebrated every month in the state, in which so far more than 10 lakh youths have become self-employed by receiving loans from banks. The celebration of Employment Day will continue continuously.

That said, if you thought that that was all about this interesting news, then this is not the conclusion. The food industry in the small city is also set to receive a major boost in the forthcoming days with the number of people who can seek employment in the industry believed to be around 900. The Vihaan food industry at Jarrapur will be dishing out skill-based jobs and is set to make news in the coming days.

The CM isn’t off the mark when he says that in some ways, a new era has begun for Budhni.

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