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A New, Historic Move In The Enduring India And Australia Ties!

If you were to view the famous India and Australia ties from the perspective of instruments or elements that make the duo frequent trading partners, then your focus would be on oils, mineral fuels, distillation products, pearls, precious stones and even metals or coins.

If you were to view what is a friendly and enduring relation between the two nations from the lens of travel, then it would occur to you that as of 2016, i.e., half a decade back in the day, Australia’s travel services imports amounted to a mammoth $96 million. You’d view closely the fact that recreational travel at this time between the two countries stood at $616 million.

But if you were to view the closely knit countries from the perspective of what transpired very recently, and as of March 21, 2022, then only a few hours ago, you’d realize that antiquities play a defining role in this relationship.

But, really- how is that? Antiquities of all things!

Australia has returned several important constituents of timeless, priceless antiquities to India that date back to different time periods, with the earliest actually dating back to the ninth or tenth century CE (common era).

In what is being considered a precious and definitive move by the country famously described as Oz, Australia has returned around 29 different articles belonging to precious antiquity to India.

It’s a gesture that is currently generating heartening wishes and regards from the office of none other than the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi.

There are different themes to the antiquities that Australia has returned to India’a stable, such as – structures belonging to the Jain tradition, Decorative objects, idols of Lord Vishnu and his form.

And the move is a precious new step toward forging an even keener and close partnership built on mutual trust and regard for one other.

Over the course of the past several years, India has taken a successful conscious step of retaking the ancient Indian artefacts that always belonged to it but were in the confines of other nations. Just last September (2021), PM Modi brought back no fewer than 157 different artefacts belonging to India from the United States of America.

The step was wholesomely supported by Joe Biden, who reaffirmed India about US’ commitment to strengthening the efforts toward battling theft and illegal trade of historical and cultural items.

But on the occasion of the great Australian move, another joyous occasion to resurrect India’s cradle with items that carry a value of timelessness about them, it was heartening to note that PM Modi had to say to his counterpart, i.e., Australian PM Morrison:

“I would like to especially thank you for taking the initiative to return ancient Indian artefacts. Among them are hundreds of years old idols and pictures illegally removed from Rajasthan, West Bengal, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh along with many other Indian states.”

Furthermore, if you desire to see the various artefacts that have been safely returned to India’s stable by Australia then you can make time to view this Twitter handle:

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