How To Make An Account Private On Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most popular and desired social media platforms available in the digital market at present. It caters to so many nationalities and cultures across the globe. With 2.934 billion users on Facebook is both a boon and a bane (what it’s for you that you can decide?).

Imagine your personal information like your habitat, date of birth, relationship status, workplace, etc is visible to billions. Then won’t you get cautious about it? We all are aware that digital frauds, data hacking, digital banking gimmicks, etc are so common nowadays, that we see numerous complaints in cyber crime cells everyday.

Not only that, issues like pornography, nuditiy, explicit images, etc are also becoming an issue of concern for the people present on social media platforms not only on Facebook but on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. 

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It is not so that these platforms do not have guidelines to fight against such issues, they do and they allow a person to choose if they want their account private or public. So, what should be an easy way at an individual level to tackle such issues.

The answer is, to have a private account on Facebook, especially if it’s a personal one where you upload your pictures with friends and family, or videos, posts, comments, etc. so, we are here to help you to unfold the process on “How to make an account private on Facebook?” 

How to make your account private on Facebook on your phone:

  1. Open the Facebook account and then click the Hamburger icon present at the top of the right as three horizontal lines.
  2. When you click on it, the Menu page opens up. At the bottom of this page you have Settings and privacy, click it.
  3. When you click Settings and privacy you are directed to Settings. Now click on the settings option.
  4. You are now directed to a page which has your Account and Preferences. Now, on this page click the option “Personal and account information”.
  5. Now, you can choose your privacy options as per your requirements.

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How to make your Fb profile private?

As Facebook is a social app so by default it is set to make all your information public. But, if you want to keep your profile private and have control to make sure who sees your profile. You simply have to follow these steps to make your Facebook profile private:

Make your Fb profile private via browser

  1. Open the browser you use or any browser for that matter on your PC and head to
  2. Now, log-in to your account.
  3. Now, click the upside-down triangle icon present at the top-right section in Account settings.
  4. Then, Choose “Settings” and select “Privacy” in the “Settings” menu. When you do that it opens up the Privacy settings and tools pane on the right of your PC screen.
  5. Now, as per your requirement you can choose your own privacy settings, to do that just click the blue Edit button.

Make your Fb profile private on mobile phone

  1. Open the facebook app on your mobile phone.
  2. Then, on the top of the right side is the Hamburger icon (in some mobile phones it may be present on the bottom right side of the screen) click it.
  3. Now, scroll down and choose Settings and Privacy
  4. Then, click Settings, once you do that you will find the Audience and Visibility section. When you click this there are various options which you can update as per your requirement.
  5. For example you want to change or edit posts, then you click Posts or your basic Information, Followers and public content, Reels, Active status, Blocking, etc.

Note – once you upload any picture as a profile picture it’s visible with your id. To stop the misuse you can protect your profile picture not to be captured by anyone with privacy settings. 

How To Set Facebook Private?

Well, to set your posts, reels, friend list, profile, personal info, pictures, etc to private  as per your choice. You can set any one  or all things to private as per your preferences. Like for your posts if you choose in your privacy settings visible to friends of friends. This means although your account is private yet people who are friends with your friends can see your posts too although they are not part of your friendlist. 

You can also change the sharing default using privacy settings and tools. This will make sure that your posts are not public. Not only that you can adjust who sees your future posts. Along with that you can edit your past or previous posts too. A person can also limit the audience for your posts. This can be done by selecting the heading Limit past posts and then select Limit past posts again. Similarly, you can choose to keep your friends list private or public. 

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In today’s world setting and scenario data is not less than diamond mine. In fact, it is one of the most precious things as the whole world is connected economically and socially via the internet. That’s why the likes and comments have become so important for today’s generation. Any social platform is designed to connect to your loved ones and find new people too. But this should not be done on the price of your privacy.

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Although every platform has guidelines with them, to keep check on negative and offensive content. But even on an individual level it’s a personal duty not to share information with anyone not known just for fun and time pass. It may prove lethal too. So, be cautious but do not forget to connect and grow as a person with the help of technology, as it is unavoidable in today’s time.

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