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Positive News Of The Day: South Africa Woman Makes Dress Out Of KFC Packages!

In an age defined by massive creativity, there’s always something new and novel happening everywhere- isn’t it? It’s true for E tickets, mobile wallets, making emojis out of faces and faces out of emojis. And whatnot! In a sense, perhaps it’s true to say the following:

Conventions are fast on their way out and a new interesting twist is being given to things in every possible way. Even simplistic things such as birthday cakes that once said Happy birthday, have undergone a huge change. Today we are no longer surprised when a Ferrari is inscribed on a cake or a woman’s favourite pair of diamonds- or are we?

Likewise, the way we handpick our favourite mobile phone has undergone tremendous change; what’s a phone today in the absence of a pretty phone cover with different shapes, colours and hues?

Gone are the days, in the same sense, where we simply brought a car home. Today, we customize the four wheeler on every little aspect in a sense that it carries our signature taste and essence of being- don’t we?

So how can creativity back off from one of the most intrinsic aspects that govern our lives- dressing? Simply look at what this South African woman ended up doing when she actually succeeded in making a dress out of KFC packages.

Truth be told, if one wished to understand the true meaning of creativity, bedazzling and stunning in equal measure, then few things would actually suffice other than noting how a very talented South African managed to make a dress out of KFC packages.

So how did it all happen and first things first, who is this lady from South Africa?

Known by the name – a Superstar- on Twitter, South Africa-based Nokuzotha Ntuli is a fashion designer and blogger from the land of the Madiba-land.

Known for her distinct ctaste and giving a wonderful edge of creativity to what she does, both by profession and by passion, the lady took to social media with quintessential zeal to declare what she had recently made:

It turned out to be a dress made out of KFC packages, would you believe it?

In a news report published on India’s Hindustan Times, the following is what the news on Ntuli had to say:

In the caption, she explained that it was made out of recycled KFC packaging. “Decided to make this dress for KFC from recycled KFC packages to show how much of KFC super fans we are,” she said in the write-up accompanying the photos she shared of herself, wearing the said dress and posing with a KFC bucket. She also tagged KFC South Africa in her tweet.

Since being shared on November 18, this tweet has garnered more than 13,000 likes and several reactions. The woman who shared this tweet, also has it pinned on her profile at the moment, following the fact that it got hugely viral.

KFC South Africa themselves were pretty impressed with the dress and responded to her unique idea on the social networking site.

Having said the above, in an age where there’s hardly any dearth of dull and uninspiring pieces of news and developments, it is breakthroughs such as these that stand out and inspire endlessly. They tell us about the human spirit to create something unusual and apt from something one would not have thought about in the first place, right?

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