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Positive Stories From India: Why Samsung Could Be The Way For Engineers Right Now?

Among the finest multinational manufacturing conglomerates around and one of the most renowned companies in the world today dealing in smartphone and other gadgets, Samsung is a name that immediately draws respect and turns heads. And there is little surprise in that too.

Few are those companies that actually in these vastly competitive times marked by vigorous market pressure and at times, relentless expectations do not buckle down under pressure and in fact, hit back in great style.

The way Samsung has stood up to Apple to counter the latter’s charge in the dominant smartphone space is something that is worth noting and may also be taught at some point in time in universities and colleges.

Truth be told, there may not be a better place to work at today where it stands other than Samsung. And there’s reason for that.

In a famous media statement published recently, Samsung shared that is has mega plans to hire a lot of Indian talent from the realm of engineering for what are bold plans for the future.

So what are these plans and which positions, in particular, is the famous South Korean corporate giant planning to fill? Here’s some perspective.

It is a known fact that Samsung operates not one but three R&D centres in India with there being one each at Bangalore, Noida as well as Delhi!

Now Samsung will be hiring talent directly from IIT campuses that are based in Delhi, Kanpur, Mumbai, Madras, Guwahati and Kharagpur. Those it plans to hire are going to be computer engineers and talents that belong to multiple spheres, such as- Computer engineering, mathematics, computing, IT and instrumentation.

Anyone in an India that is keen to participate in a life-changing organisation in which to forge a prominent career can, therefore, look nowhere else but to the direction of Samsung.

Now how this is good news boils down to two, not one, simple reasons. First, that it’s not always that a giant like Samsung so keenly awaits to hire Indian talent, making it clear or alluding perhaps to the fact that the talent one can find in India is second to none where it comes to such distinct spheres.

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And second, it’s not so common for people to simply find employment in these treacherous COVID-riddled times- isn’t it?

For those students who may have, at least, once or twice wondered in their minds as to what might be their next destination immediately after finishing studies- will certainly now find an answer in an organisation that is dependable and second to none where measuring corporate excellence and a wide gamut of trustworthy products stand.

And that, in itself, is a leveller like no other. So those seeking new jobs or first-time job positions, please be on the lookout for the jobs advertised on Samsung’s website and if not, then in the newspapers. Your time is now. India’s time is now.

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