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How Is Italy Coming To The Rescue Of Afghan Refugees?

It is only in times of crisis and grave undoings that the true face of those who have always claimed at doing good and believing in good comes true- does it not? And where it comes to evidencing the good and separating it from the not-so-good, then nothing could be a better litmus test than a humanitarian crisis. For what’s actually happening right now in present-day Afghanistan is nothing shy of a grave humanitarian crisis.

These are tough times for the country that has so often been and remained wartorn. But all’s not bad or all hope isn’t lost as of yet since there countries like Italy around who care and have offered overwhelming support especially at a time where Afghanistan truly needed it.

But to some, the overscrupulous ones, this may seem like big talk. Where’s the course of action that could qualify what is being done into being termed ‘humanitarian assistance,’ some might ask?

To those, perhaps knowing the fact that Italy has already begun work on airlifting as many as 500 Afghans who are left with no choice- and unfortunately so- other than leaving their homeland and look elsewhere to start afresh and begin anew.

In some ways, that the ravages of what’s currently happening back in Afghanistan all thanks to the demonic presence of the Taliban, is a reason strong enough for those Afghans to look at their lives closely who may never have thought about things from a contemplative gaze.

Not sure whether all will look into it like that for one’s home, at the end of the day, is one’s home and no other place can ever become the ideal fillip. And yet, there’s not much that seems capable of coming true in this clear and present day of danger that has been enforced on one and all, all thanks to the merciless reign of Taliban- inflicted terror.

Having said that, to come to the rescue of those wailing under the current Taliban government- if at all it could be called that- Italy is truly coming to Afghanistan’s rescue by preparing to bail out 500 Afghans who wish to leave the country and find a safe abode under the sun.

Having said that, an interesting news update website that goes by the name of Wanted In Rome happened to publish the following updates as being key to define the context of work that Italy is doing as a good samaritan for the troubled Afghanistan.

Guerini said the Aquila Omnia-Bis airlift operation is the result of the “strong collaboration” between the ministries of defence, foreign affairs and the interior and the information services”, reports Italian news agency ANSA.

The Afghan families set to be welcomed by Italy will come from neighbouring countries of Afghanistan, with more arrivals expected in the coming weeks, according to Italian media.

The move follows the arrival in Rome last week of Sharbat Gula, known around the world as the ‘Afghan Girl’ thanks to her National Geographic portrait by Steve McCurry.

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