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Positive News From Indore: How The City Is Empowering The Destitutes And The Needy!

What is known and rather commonly about the city of Indore (economic capital of Madhya Pradesh) is that it is a foodie’s dream destination. Of lately, what’s also heralded Indore to the cult status of one of India’s most prized cities is the fact that it has become among the few water plus cities besides obviously being famous for being the cleanest destination in India. If a city bags the sobriquet of being India’s cleanest city once, it’s treated as a fine feat. But if a city bags the achievement on repeat occasions, then surely it’s a big deal. So kudos to the famous city for that.

But is that all about the city of Sarafa, Rajwada and the noted Ahilyabai Airport? Certainly not.

Among the reasons why we must place Indore on a pedestal of newfound respect is the lengths to which it goes to treat the citizens that are rather marginalized and have nowhere to go.

Let us bring the beggars and the destitutes into focus.

Frankly speaking, if there was anything such as the most powerful piece of positive news from the city known for its penchant for Indori Namkeen, Chiwda, Poha, and Jalebi- then it’s that the landmark MP city set up two new beggars’ rehabilitation centres.

This is something that could clearly be considered the most landmark moment for the city that never ceases to surprise us from the month of February 2022.

And frankly, where much of the news nowadays portraits the tragic and blood-stained affairs of the Russian-Ukrainian war, clearly the burning topic in international affairs, delving into notable moments from a city’s journey such a Indore’s is a welcoming respite- is it not?

But firstly, it’s important to understand that the coming up of the beggars’ rehabilitation centres in the city is no random feat; the city has been progressively working toward its vision of imagining Indore as a beggar-free zone.

Did you know that? Hence, under the aegis of the Indore Municipal Corporation, the city inaugurated what can be called a rehabilitation and skill-development centre. This will specifically cater to beggars and destitutes.

The idea here being to place the helpless and needy into a comfortable space so that even the downtrodden have a roof over their head much like the privileged and gifted lot.

That told, some key excerpts regarding the beggar rehab centre emerged on an exclusive on Free Press Journal. Here’s what you ought to know:

The centre, which has been established at the Social Welfare Complex at Pardeshipura, was inaugurated by MP Shankar Lalwani, collector Manish Singh, municipal commissioner Pratibha Pal, MLA Ramesh, and additional commissioner of police Manish Kapooria.

Commissioner Pal said that separate accommodation facilities—Ahilya Dham for women and Shivkuti for men—with a capacity of 100 people have been constructed at the centre. All helpless and needy people found begging will be brought to the centre and trained to be self-sufficient. Destitute people living in temple courtyards, at squares and other places will be brought to the centre. Their profiling will be done according to their abilities, interests and so forth.

Honestly speaking, at a time where much of India’s mega cities that brandish their image as world cities only focus on buildings that interact with the skies, to see Indore taking such a keen interest toward the collective interest of the marginalised is beautiful and must be celebrated!

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