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How India Is Helping Myanmar In The COVID 19 Times?

Good fences make good neighbours. Must have heard. Have you? How often have you actually heard this? Chances are, if you would have, you would also be knowing of the exact opposite.

“During times of grief and crisis, a helping hand goes a long long way.” Not by Aristotle. Not by Plato, Nietzsche, Kant or Heidegger either; just a very simple, easy-to-understand, heartfelt truth of life.

Imagine you are having a tough day? A really bad, troubling time and no one comes to your rescue. How are you going to feel? Now imagine you are having a bad day and people rush to your help. How would you feel?

If you do the latter, as mentioned above, you are India and the one at the receiving end is Myanmar, a country to whose rescue the Modi-led country came during its bad times. The COVID 19 times you see!

If you do think that Myanmar or nations of that small size weren’t affected by COVID 19 virus then think again. As a matter of fact, why reflect elsewhere when one can see the numbers straight up.

As of November 26, 2021, the 7-day average of COVID cases in Myanmar were no less than 562. What’s more? Around 493 numbers- as per official updates- of new cases had already taken shape. In these times, India has helped Myanmar by acting on the frontfoot instead of slowing down help or going on the backfoot. So how is that?

All the necessary COVID-19 related humanitarian assistance that would’ve certainly helped Myanmar at this time was sent by India. And that too, in a timely manner.

India’s Mission at the ASEAN (Association of the South East Asian Nations) said the following about the current act of the large democracy:

“COVID 19 pandemic related Humanitarian Assistance pledged to Myanmar, reaches the country.”

The above information was submitted into the public domain via a Tweet. India has so often been at the rescue of countries battling tough times or courting challenges.

Medicines, vaccines, and the paraphernalia of COVID 19 relief measure items have all been sent by India to Myanmar!

During the month of January, early 2021, India had come to the rescue of Fiji by sending across a consignment of six tonnes worth relief items toward the efforts of rebuilding and rehabilitating the country when several people were affected by the TC Yasa cyclone.

Then, later during peak pandemic times, India had sent lots of COVID 19 material to come to the rescue of an embattling Barbados and Jamaica. The timely response shown by the country was also widely thanked by the two island nations of the Caribbean whose respective PMs took to social media to spread news about India’s sincerity and kind gesture of support.

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In that regard, there’s hardly a surprise that India has sent relief material to Myanmar, the country of Aung San Suu Kyi. Well done dear India, you truly have set a fine example of how to come to another country’s aid during tough times.

One certainly hopes that the great gesture on the part of India will make the other countries learn and follow suit. For if we can’t come to the aid of the affected lot during a time of devastation, then just what good are we in the first place anyway?

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