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Finnish Government Launches Initiative To Appreciate Work Of Volunteers!

Volunteers in any society are the bedrock of the social eco system. You could be a powerful politician, an luminary of a strong socio-economic system or a diligent leader but if your people from everyday walks of life do not connect with you and cannot relate with you, then are you even good at what you do? Volunteers, as the famous song Volunteers of America, an iconic number of the Sixties attempted to ascertain the true holding of those who step in to help a society selflessly. But, here, more specifically in Nordic Europe, volunteers in Finland are no ordinary citizens.

The volunteers in Finland are extraordinary souls marked by a sense of conscience to rise as a catalyst for change in a multi dimensional approach for the Finnish society.

Then whether it’s diverse fields like education or healthcare, academics or pandemics, the volunteers of Finland, especially since the 2020 period have given an ardent illustration of how a society can come together to fight against raging times when nothing’s quite going right.

And it’s heartening to note that these volunteers are now getting their due by the elected government that does care for their efforts.

So how is that?

The Sanna Marin government has actually raised an initiative to support and acknowledge the timely efforts of tens of hundreds of volunteers in Finland who stepped up their efforts during the testing COVID 19 times.

Here are some important excerpts from a news report published in The Mayor, among the leading European publications:

Without this help, such communities would have struggled tremendously as they would have been unable to gain access to essential products such as food and medicine. In addition to this, they would have suffered from emotional distress and loneliness. Therefore, these past months have proven the importance of volunteer work during times of crisis.

One of the main goals of the Finland Cares campaign is to showcase the type of work volunteers do. Beyond helping vulnerable communities during the pandemic, volunteers have taken part in work relating to human rights, poverty, exclusion, mental health, and equality, among others.

Now, with this four-week campaign, the Finnish government seeks to share the stories of individuals from approximately 50 organisations. To learn more about these individuals and understand the type of work they do, one can read their stories on the campaign’s website. Finland Cares will be visible online on social media and it will use the hashtags #SuomiVälittää and #FinlandBryrSig.

It is hoped that the campaign will inspire many others to take up a cause they feel passionate about and help make the world a better place.

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