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Delhi Gets World-Class Home For The Destitute Elderly!

Perhaps it is not wrong to say that not a day goes by in the country where one doesn’t hear polarising opinion about the ruling government in Delhi, i.e., the Aam Aadmi Party. But where the past few months stand, then it can be seen with some clarity that Aam Aadmi Party has been at the forefront of new developments and positive news, starting with the formation of government in the state of Punjab.

And where it’s positive news then perhaps no development could be as important as the coming up of a brand new home for the city’s elderly and destitute in the national capital.

In one of the most captivating pieces of news from a city where facets like the opening of a new branded outlet or a plush shopping mall tends to dominate news, the fact that Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Senior Citizen home is making news is just as terrific as perhaps gazing at one’s mother’s eyes upon returning back home after a long and onerous period away.

As a matter of fact, what makes the Bhimrao Ambedkar Senior Citizen home such an interesting development especially where the Delhi government is concerned is the very fact that the brand new home for the elderly is the fourth such home in the national capital.

It’s a massive statement coming to the rescue of the fate of those who’ve long battled poverty and above anything else, indifference on the part of the society that is quick to cast a blind eye on those who could really need some help.

What else is needed, you ought to ask, other than a clean home and a spacious washroom in addition to a healthy living space that is absolutely dirt free? And that is what the Kejriwal-led AAP party has created in its latest offering for the city’s elderly and destitute!

On the important occasion of the opening of the home for the elderly, the following is what CM Kejriwal shared, “I will take care of the elderly who have no one as their own and help them lead a life of honour. In this residence, they will have access to cutting-edge amenities free of cost. It is best if one does not feel the need to shift to an old age home, because the sense of belonging and safety found at home cannot be found anywhere else. But for those who are forced to shift to old age homes, we have ensured they receive all the homelike facilities so that they do not feel loneliness of moving out of their homes.”

All of that being said, there’s more to the swanky new home for Delhi’s old and abandoned. Apparently, health facilities are also a part of the old age home. Confirmed news reports point to the fact that the home for the elderly also includes a public announcement system in addition to a physiotherapy centre as well as a medical care unit.

However, what must be noted is that admission to the facility is available only on a voluntary basis, of course. And in order to seek admission, the documents that are needed to be submitted include- a copy of one’s age certificate, health certificate and a residence proof.

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