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Positive News From India: Delhi Airport To Become Fully Net Zero Carbon Emission Airport By 2030!

At a time where not a single day passes by in the daily lifeline of India’s national capital, New Delhi where things like corruption, moral decline, overpopulation, pollution aren’t discussed, this bit of uppity news is a refreshing change or sorts. For no other explanation or nothing else can ever suffice.

But, up first a context. Never before has the need to work toward an environment friendly or pro-environment future been as relevant as today. Isn’t it?

In that regard, news that the Delhi airport, by 2030, would have become a net zero carbon emission airport is something that’s as big a news as is receiving a mega bonus right at the time of one’s corporate appraisal.

Authorities, bodies, design agencies and the entire gamut of infrastructure support are gearing up to work toward the much-needed change that Delhi airport is gearing up for.

As a matter of fact, when we talk about the Delhi airport on a daily basis, things that commonly stand out are how long, seemingly endless queues and during peak travel season, back-breaking lines consisting of hosts of people dominate proceedings.

Truthfully speaking, one tends to ignore talk about how Delhi airport could possibly undergo a change and for the better. For what good is that change if it doesn’t flow in the direction of the positive- isn’t it?

In that sense, the key development take took form on November 23, 2021 at the DIAL, i.e., Delhi International Airport Limited was something rather special.


So what was it, after all?

The CEO of DIAL, Mr. Videh Kumar Jaipuriar stated in no uncertain terms the futuristic vision of the airport given its combined forces to make the Delhi airport a fully net zero carbon emission airport. Something all will look forward to with intrepid excitement- isn’t that right?

So what are the other key developments with regards to the massive plan for the Delhi airport?

Here’s what news channel India TV had to elaborate:

The announcement about the 2030 target was made by Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO, of Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), through a video message on November 10 at the COP26 event in Glasgow.

In a statement on Tuesday, Jaipuriar stated: “At Delhi Airport, we are on a strong environment progress journey and we are confident to becoming ‘net zero carbon emission’ airport by 2030, following the Airport Carbon Accreditation guidelines.”

“Towards this direction, we have initiated various environmentally sustainable programs, such as the introduction of TaxiBot and adoption of electric vehicles,” he added. 

Commercial aviation is responsible for about two to three percent of the global carbon emissions. Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg has given up flying to reduce her carbon footprint, boosting the “flight shame” movement in Europe and other parts of the world. 

The above told, the plan to become a zero carbon emission zone is certainly an apt fit to be described as a positive development. This, mind you, is the same airport that in the past has suffered from massive infrastructural slips such as waterlogging during excessive monsoons.

To then imagine the same structure being prepped for such a massive change- could anything else be any better? One suspects not!

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