Amazing Korean Beauty Trends For Hydrated & Glowing Skin

Koreans are popular for tons of different things and one of those is their flawless, supple, immensely hydrated, and glowing skin. All of this is the result of a precise and intensive K-Beauty regime that most people in Korea follow, and which usually includes an 8-step procedure. However, if you’re someone who can’t be committed to such an extensive process then you need to know about these Korean beauty trends that the people of Korea are currently raving about.

While some of these trends are a recent addition to the K-Skincare regime, others have been a holy grail of every skincare and makeup enthusiast. 

There are tons of Korean brands that are available in the Indian market currently, so, you can either choose from them or select products that are readily available to you and see the magic of these tips and trends. Many have sworn by the effectiveness of these Korean beauty trends and just can’t let them go off of their skincare and makeup regime.

Explore These Fascinating Korean Beauty Trends of 2021

1.Double Cleansing

This has to be the foundation of the extensive and 8-step skincare routine – Double Cleansing. This technique involves the use of two different types of cleansers to get rid of different types of gunk on your skin. So, your oil-based cleanser (which is the first step on this double cleansing) is supposed to remove more oil-based products like makeup, moisturizer, sebum, pollution, etc., and the water-based cleanser is supposed to remove dirt, sweat, etc.

Double cleansing not only completely cleans up your skin but also makes your skin more adaptable to the skincare you’re about to enrich it with. Plus, your skin starts absorbing a lot more post this addition to your skincare regime. 

2. Massaging The Cleanser

Koreans believe that a major difference between a home self-care routine and a salon self-care routine is the amount of massaging done at the salons. When you massage your skin while washing your face, the product absorbs more efficiently and works better while penetrating the deepest layers of the skin.

One should also note to only use lukewarm water to wash off the product, and not super-hot water skin it can irritate the skin and cause it to even burn.

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3. Say No To Towels: Korean Beauty Trends

A majority of Korean skincare aficionados believe that towels should not be used for drying up your skin after face wash. Instead, they pat the skin dry and while it’s still damp you can start applying your other products to make them absorb easily in the skin.

The limitation to using a towel on the face has two primary reasons, – towels are prone to cause friction on the skin leading to harsh lines, second – since towels are often damp and left in the bathroom, they’re more susceptible to germs leading to allergies, irritation, and even acne.

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4. Toners Are Your Best Friend

Toners have been time and again called out as a crucial part of your skincare regime, but let’s be honest they more or less feel like scented water with little to no results. However, Korean toners are different from your regular toners, they’re a lotion-infused toner that hydrates your skin.

There are tons of different toners available on Korean skincare brands, while some work on infusing hydration, others work on removing access of it, while some are just to provide you a smooth base. Along with their results, they also come in a variety of different consistencies. 

5. Essences For Life

Another important Korean beauty trend that has now been picking up its pace on international waters is face essence. Layering your products helps your skin breathe more and absorb a lot more of goodness. As soon as you’re done with toner, apply essence on your skin in a massaging manner.

Much like other products on this list, you also have a large variety of essences to choose from, based on the kind of result you aspire for. They might differ in inconsistency but they penetrate perfectly into your skin and work their magic right from the first start. 

6. Sheet Masks: Korean Beauty Trends

Let’s be honest, the wave of sheet masks was ignited by Korean Skincare Gurus and soon it spread like a wildfire all over the world. Now every international and local brand is doing their take on sheet masks to offer you something fresh and unique, but more importantly, to provide an intense amount of hydration to your skin.

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Hydrated skin is considered to be one of the best-kept skin since it is prone to early signs of aging or any other such concerns. Sheet masks these days come with tons of different results and varieties and you need to keep them on for about 20-25 minutes until the serum is completely absorbed into the skin. Just try it for a month and notice the changes yourself. 

7. Never Forget Moisturizer

Another one of the holy grails on this Korean beauty trends list is the ever so popular and amazing moisturizer. No matter how much you think you’re moisturized and hydrated, you’re rarely completely and to let go of such situations you need to always apply moisturizer. Consider it as the final stage of your skincare routine post which you’re put to rest and enjoy!

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These were some of the most popular and effective Korean beauty trends that people swear by. Add them up to your skincare regime and experience the magic and technique of Korean Skincare that offers hydrated, glowing, and stunning skin. However, do remember to be consistent and disciplined with your regime, and you’ll soon see the difference. 

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