Apply These 5 Flowers For Longer And Healthier Hair!

Truth be told, never before has one seen as much focus on one’s hair or hairdo as what one finds today. This is, after all, an age where one is fashion and trend-conscious and perhaps more than what was the case once upon a time or back in the day, as they say. Isn’t it?

Perhaps that is why one can constantly be seen factoring in the best possible advice for not just growing, but maintaining long and healthier hair.

So while it would be a tad bit immature to completely rule out chemical solutions or formulae in that regard, the focus, one notes, is increasingly surrounding natural means to grow and maintain nourishing hair.

That being said, ever wondered if using flowers for your hair treatment could be the possible answer or one definite way forward in a bid to grow healthier and fashionable hair?

As a matter of fact, can flowers for healthier hair be at all used in today’s times?

If there was such a thing as growing confusion on that front, then let it take its own course and forget all about it. For we have it all covered for you!

Let us take a look at the some of the flowers for healthier hair that are no longer some figment of the imagination, but very much in use today:

Using Rose for healthier hair

Truth be told, there are few better things out there than rose petals in order to cleanse one’s hair or scalp. Though the perfect method to use them for hair growth and nourishment is this:

Take some rose petals. Dry them up. Crush them into a powered form. Add the same to a potion (not too much) of mildly heated coconut oil. Add some drops of rosemary oil to it. Take a tablespoon of honey to it.

Take the extract and apply it to your hair and wash it properly to experience hair that is both smooth and silky.

Bergamot is helpful as nothing can ever be

You cannot be blamed for associating bergamot or as it is known by its scientific name, Citrus Bergamia, for it’s fruity essence.

One hasn’t particularly noted the bergamot for being of great use to the hair. And that’s exactly the area that is drawing renewed focus in this age where hair care is more than a rhyming expression; but such a relevant subject.

Loaded with rich doses of vitamin-C, the Bergamot is among the flowers for healthier hair that much of the world is going ga-ga about.

This particular flower can be put into use for many varied reasons- such as it can leave the hair well-conditioned, besides keeping one’s hair frizz-free and strong.

Apparently, much of it is down to the fact that the flower is loaded with a ton of antioxidant and anti-microbial properties all of which promote stronger hair development.

How can Hibiscus be put into hair use

Taking a simple survey of a wide array of hair products that are perceptibly stashed in a corner of a store can enable you to locate a common extract that is widely known as a key ingredient, whether in conditioners or shampoos.

And it’s Hibiscus.

Commonly considered as wondrous for being a rich source of vitamin C, Hibiscus is one of the flowers for healthier hair that is generating rave reviews in this day and age.

How it helps in promoting hair growth is that being packed with several nutrients and amino acids helps in preventing hair fall.

Now, that’s one peculiar source of healthy hair right there!

Ever wondered what Jasmine is useful for

Not just a pretty name. Not just a fashionably cliched name that rings in a touch of exuberance and class; Jasmine is one of the flowers for healthier hair that everyone is raving about nowadays.

But is that even a fact and how so?

What is widely used for its sheer ornamental style value given it is often decorated in one’s hair, the Jasmine flower has a natural benefit for the hair. This particular flower has a strong fragrance. How that helps is that it keeps lice away, which can be such a harmful microbe.

But that isn’t all; it is a widely established fact that the oil from the jasmine flower can be used to keep the scalp clean.

Now if that doesn’t promote healthy hair, then one wonders, what will?

Using Rosemary to boost hair growth

Tapping away from the world of horror flicks that have entertained outrageous titles such as “Rosemary’s baby”, if one were cognisant about the real benefits of using this particular flower for healthier hair, then one would definitely want to become Rosemary’s baby!

So how is that? Extracts from the rosemary, such as its oil are commonly used all around the world to promote hair growth.

At a time where much of the world is increasingly falling prey to a layer of toxicity that is down to a rise in industrialization, manufacturing and forget not, vehicular pollution, self-care is not longer a subject of vanity; rather it is a way of the world.

Which is why hair care is such a trending subject coupled with the need to look good in an age where there’s this increased focus on lifestyle and health.

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