6 Good Castor Oil Brands For Lustrous Hair

Are you done watching your hair fall each time you comb? Are you looking for a perpetual solution to get long healthy-looking hair? Then castor oil is your savior. All you need to do is to get a good castor oil for your hair.  

The seeds of the Ricinus communis plant are the source from which the castor oil is extracted. This oil has many medicinal, industrial, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical uses. 

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It is a boon for almost every problem related to your skin and hair. 

Here is a quick list of 6 good castor oils for hair easily available on any shopping website: 

1. MamaEarth

MamaEarth has gained popularity in the field of beauty products over the past few years. Its products have found a place on many dressing tables because of their high quality. 

The castor oil of MamaEarth is a heartthrob. It is a deep conditioning agent that gives the much-needed luster to your hair. 

This oil is manufactured out of pure castor oil seeds and is completely free from toxins, chemicals, and additives. A single bottle will do wonders to your hair without creating a dent in your pocket. 

2. Soulflower Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Soulflower is India’s leading homegrown brand creating wonders by combining fun and beauty. It is a trusted brand for aromatic essential oils.  

FDA has given a green signal to the products of this brand. That means there is no compromise on the quality making it a good castor oil for hair. 

Soulflower Cold Pressed Castor Oil is produced organically and is 100% hexane-free. It also has a number of medicinal benefits.

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3. Kate Blanc Castor Oil

Kate Blanc Castor Oil is one more cold-pressed castor oil that is 100% preservatives-free. It is light and gets easily absorbed in your scalp. It eliminates dandruff and also works on dry and brittle hair.

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It promotes hair growth in a short span of time. This makes it a good castor oil for hair. It can also be used as a hair serum to grow longer and thicker eyelashes. This castor oil is also cruelty-free. 

4. Sky Organics Castor Oil

Sky Organics Castor Oil is prepared from the castor seeds that are grown in Kerala. 

This oil has fatty acids that work on your scalp by providing it requisite nourishment. 

Sky Organic castor oil contains ricinoleic acid which balances the scalp’s pH level. It also amplifies hair growth and makes your hair stronger and thicker making it a good castor oil for hair.

You can also use it to thicken your eyebrows and eyelashes. 

5. Bliss Of Earth Castor Oil

The castor seeds used to produce Bliss Of Earth’s castor oil are grown and cultivated organically. 

You will be available to notice a considerable change in your hair immediately within a few days of using this castor oil. This is really good castor oil for hair. 

Regular application of this castor oil on your skin can also help you with dark circles, wrinkles, and dry skin-related problems. 

6. Home Health

Home Health produces a good castor oil for hair. This castor oil penetrates your scalp and deeply conditions it making your hair look beautiful and supple.  

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It is not just hexane-free but also 100% solvent-free. It also doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients. It is non-greasy in nature and so a little product goes a long way.

Home health castor oil nourishes your hair follicles and softens your hair. 

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The Takeaway

The use of castor oil for skin and hair is not a new discovery. It has been used by mankind for years.

Over the recent years, many popular global beauty brands have started manufacturing castor oil and products made out of it. 

Google searches are full of miracles after using castor oil for your hair, skin, nails, eyelashes, and eyebrows. But what is vital here is which castor oil you are using.

This hair oil will give you ample benefits but one with additives, preservatives, and toxic substances will harm you equally or even more. 

Be watchful while buying a good castor oil for your hair. 

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