The Finest News From Noida In The Past Few Days That You Didn’t Pay Enough Attention To!

Very often in front of harrowing circumstances and bickering events, we tend to forget to focus on the good. But focusing on the positive is a must and mustn’t be undermined nor must it be unsung.

Surely, February, the month that is ready to leave with its bags packed. And it did prove to be a harrowing month, generally speaking, where the world events stood. And what could be a bigger indicator of February, the month associated with love and harmony (Valentine’s Day), of having turned a violent instigator of riots?

Who can ever forget that it was in February where Russia and Ukraine plunged on the path of decadence, starting a war that many still feel will sow the seeds for World War #3?

But was that all about February that one can and must remember? Surely, the gruelling line of events that Russia unfurled on neighbor Ukraine are regrettable and it’s something that has earned the wrath of countries such as India ( a close ally of Russia), but to take a closer look at what happened during this time in India would also unfurl a different view.

While we have amid us a massively heartbreaking story given the sorrowful scenes of Ukraine, there’s also a massively inspiring story from the Indian heartland, calculably millions of miles away from the wartorn scene in Europe.

News is buzzing from Noida, North of India, that in the month of February, residents from a noted residential locality got together to gather no fewer than 1,500 kg of plastic waste.

While surely we’ve heard, and presumably time and again, that a lot of good happens when people get together for a cause, what happened for real in the UP (Uttar Pradesh)-bound city of Noida was something for real. It was heartening. It’s something that’s probably dished up a fine example for other neighbouring cities to follow as suit.

So here’s what exactly happened (quoting from a report published on Hindustan Times):

Starting around 7am, over 200 volunteers, including women and children, participated in the daylong drive. The volunteers from World Class Noida, the residents’ group comprising over 600 members, said that the plastic waste from the day’s collection will be turned into eco-bricks to be used in making public toilets.

Some volunteers, however, said that the overnight rainfall added to their troubles.

Furthermore, what was most heartening, it ought to be said, was that it wasn’t just the elders who participated in the massive clean-up plastic drive, the movement also generated momentum thanks to the participation of children. Several children were involved in cleaning of streets across the sector.

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But having said the above, do you know what’s most sensational about the plastic-waste gathering drive initiated by committed residents of Noida? It’s come to light that the unwanted waste material that has been gathered will be used for a bigger purpose. It will be used into making eco-bricks. The same then will be used as the principal material for the purpose of making public toilets.

Now, here’s something that we must reflect upon. If minus any help (whatsoever) from the civic authorities and sans any funds at their disposal (ditto for high tech equipment), residents from a neighbourhood can come together to execute such a massive cleanliness drive, why can’t we all whether in Faridabad, Delhi, Gurgaon practice what Noida has shown?

The fact that just 200 individuals were able to gather around 1,500 kg worth of plastic waste says a lot about the collective spirit to excel, does it not?

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