World Number One Ashleigh Barty Retires From Tennis Aged 25

After winning the Australian Open and Wimbledon titles, Ashleigh Barty is officially retiring from professional tennis. She has been the world’s number one for the last two years. She recently became engaged to Garry Kissick, her coach. The pair were courtside for the final of the Australian Open, and both shared supportive messages on social media. Despite the sudden announcement, the former world number one said that she is “emotionally spent”.

Barty had made history by becoming the youngest Grand Slam champion since 1970. She was the first Australian to win the Australian Open in 2021. Her next two Grand Slams are the Wimbledon and the French Open. Despite her young age, she managed to win 15 singles titles and a 305-102 record. However, she retired from tennis in 2014 and pursued a cricket career.

The decision was not without its ups and downs. She had a long and successful career. She had reached the number one position on the ATP Tour in late 2014, but walked away due to dissatisfaction with the Tour. She returned to the game in 2016, but failed to reach the No. 1 ranking in either singles or doubles. During her last year, she got engaged to her long-term boyfriend Garry Kissick.

The news that Ashleigh Barty has retired from the sport has caused a sensation worldwide. The Aussie won three Grand Slams and the Australian Open. She was the first Australian woman to win the tournament for four decades. The news has stunned the entire tennis world, with fans and critics expressing their shock and sadness. But she remains in the spotlight as she continues her career in a new arena.

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The Australian tennis player has won the Australian Open three times and was the second-ever woman to hold the No.1 ranking in the world. She has played 121 consecutive matches. She is also the second woman to retire after Justine Henin in 2015 after 61 consecutive weeks at the top. She was also the youngest player to have won the US Open in January. 

Barty has won 15 majors and has been the World No. 1 since June 24, 2019. She has 121 career titles and has been ranked No. 1 in the WTA for 61 weeks. She is the second woman after Justine Henin to retire from the top spot. The news will be felt by Australians around the world, who will be utterly saddened at the news.

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