An Easy Guide On How To Make Sugar Wax?

Waxing is not just limited to women. It is a tedious task that both men and women have to undertake for them to look neat and clean. 

One cannot ignore that waxing our bodies is not just limited to looking good but it is for hygiene purposes also. When you wax your body the layer of dirt and the dead skin on the tropical part is removed resulting in your skin looking clean and smooth. 

Mostly we prefer to take salon services to get ourselves waxed. But aren’t salon expenses a bit too much to keep up with? We understand your pain and so we come bearing solutions. 

In this article, we are going to teach you how to make sugar wax. Trust me, sugar wax is a life saviour and one of the best waxing options. This article is set to solve many of your problems. 

But before we get into how to make sugar wax, let us learn a few things about sugar wax. 

What is sugar wax?

Sugar waste is a sticky gel type of mixture that can be used for waxing. It is a homemade and natural solution to remove hair. 

The use of sugar for waxing the body is not a new discovery. The same has been used by mankind since forever. 

When you shave, it sometimes leads to ingrown hair as well as your hair grows back quickly. 

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The benefit of using sugar wax is that it removes the hair from its roots. This results in slowing down the process of hair growth. Plus, sugar wax is also known for exfoliating and hydrating your skin post hair removal.  

The most vital benefit is that you can make the sugar wax by using ingredients available in your kitchen. 

How to make sugar wax


1. 1 cup of white sugar 

2. ⅛ cup of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice 

3. Warm water (as needed) 

Instructions on how to make sugar wax: 

1. Add all the above ingredients to a medium-size pot and put it on a stove. 

2. Turn on the flames and start to heat the mixture at high flames. 

3. Bring the mixture to a boiling point while stirring it continuously. 

4. Once you see bubbles then lower the flames and keep stirring. 

5. Now when the mixture has turned to golden brown colour, remove the pot from the stove. Check for the thickness of the mixture. It should be close to your hot syrup. In case, if the thickness resembles that of honey then continue to heat it for a bit longer. 

6. Transfer the mixture to a container and let it cool down for around 15 minutes. 

Things to mind before using sugar wax

Clean the area thoroughly that you want to wax. 

You need to be careful that there should be no lotion in the area you are going to apply sugar wax. 

If you have oily skin then clean it gently and apply talc powder before you start with waxing. 

Also, if you have sunburn, acne or open pores then avoid waxing those areas. 

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How to use sugar wax?

You can use sugar wax on your face as well as on your body. Here are the steps you can follow for using sugar wax to remove hair: 

1. Heat the wax for it to be warm but not very hot. 

2. Remove the wax from the container and hold it with the edge of your fingers and thumb. Ensure that you do not use your entire palm as it will get very sticky. 

3. Now apply wax in the targeted area. You must apply it in the same direction as your hair growth. 

4. Let the wax cool down a bit. Stretch your skin from the other direction and with a strong nudge put the wax paste. Remember, to pull the wax in a swift motion and in the opposite direction of your application. 

You can follow the above instructions but can additionally use waxing strips for ease. For that, after you apply the warm paste to your targeted area you need to put waxing strips on top of that. Apply pressure gently and then pull it off in the same manner.  

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Care Post Using Sugar Wax

Your skin will feel gentle after waxing. So, please apply lotion to the targeted area for straight 2-3 days post waxing. 

Avoid applying any medication to the area for the next couple of days. 


Waxing is a daily chore for all of us. Whereas there are many new techniques introduced in the market for hair reduction – it is always safe to fall back on homemade remedies when it comes to your body.

This article will help you with easy steps on how to make sugar wax at home. Trust you would find the same very useful. 

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