7 Foods That Can Cause Acne & You Should Be Mindful About

A well-balanced and healthy diet is always considered important to upkeep the health of one’s mind and body. The same stands true for your skin and how it looks. A healthy-looking and glowing skin is a by-product of what one consumes and puts in their body. While a direct relation between food and your acne is not yet proved, acne and dull skin are certainly related to an excess (or deficiency) of the right nutrients in your diet. Hence, we have culled 7 foods that can cause acne and should be avoided by those with sensitive and acne prone skin.

The reason behind these foods being identified as foods that can cause acne is due to the hormonal effect that the ingredients and components in these foods can cause. Plus, much like life in general, there are tons of different things that can trigger a particular reaction in one’s skin condition and food is considered to be one of the most proactive ones.

So, let’s get right into these foods and why you need to get rid of them from your pantry and kitchen.

List of foods that cause acne

1. Dairy Products

Many have witnessed and admitted that dairy consumption has direct relations to their skin’s health and condition. In fact, there are tons of researches that show a positive connection between the intake of skimmed or whole milk and acne. In addition to that, there are other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and others that have also shown acne-causing symptoms in people.

2. Foods With High Omega-6 Fats

Omega-6 fats are mostly found in cooking and vegetable oils and processed foods made in these oils, which is directly connected to western diet. This particular diet has a higher amount of Omega-6 fats and lower amount of Omega-3 fatty acids (nutrients that are responsible for a healthy-looking skin). The best way to eliminate these foods is to put an end to the consumption of processed foods and oils like coconut oil, palm oil and olive oil.

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3. Junk or Fast Food – Foods That Can Cause Acne

These particular food items are never hidden from the fact that they’re bad for us and there are tons of studies stating the same, that is, adult acne is primarily found in those who lack healthy dietary habits. Junk foods like burgers, pizza, pastries, sugar, sodas, cakes, and fatty food in general, either aggravate acne or increases the risk of one getting them.

4. Caffeine or Alcohol

Coffee and alcohol have shown that they reduce insulin sensitivity, as per various studies, meaning that your body’s sugar levels stay high for a much longer period than usual after one consumes alcohol or caffeine of any kind. This results in inflammation and aggravation of one’s skin condition.

5. Fried Food – Foods That Can Cause Acne

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Much like junk food, even fried food is super bad for your skin. These include processed foods that are high-glycemic in nature and increase one’s blood sugar level resulting in inflammation and your acne’s condition. These fried foods that can cause acne include your chips, fries, donuts, and other such things.

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6. Whey Protein Powder

For those of you who don’t know what whey protein is – it’s the liquid that is left behind post the cheese-making process, that is, after the milk is curdled and separated. There are tons of benefits of whey protein, it’s rich in amino acids and has been a favourite for gym people for its protein content. However, many have linked the consumption of whey protein with an increase in acne, yet, there are not many researches supporting the same.

7. Energy Drinks – Foods That Can Cause Acne

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With high levels of sugar, energy drinks are known for spiking up one’s blood glucose level which is a direct contributor to inflammatory acne. In fact, any sugary drink, inclusive of your soft drinks and sweet sodas, has shown positive relations to adult acne and other problems that come with it.

So, these were some of the foods that can cause acne. Even though there have been tons of studies and researches done to connect these foods with acne, every person’s skin and condition differs and what might put you at risk, can be nothing for the other person. Hence, dip your foot slowly and test these waters, and listen to your skin and how it’s reacting to certain foods.

Also, as we have covered some of the food that can cause acne, let’s take a brief look at some of the foods that one should eat to keep clear skin, and foods that have potential to prevent acne from occuring in the first place.

  1. Foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids – Tuna, Salmon, and other kinds of fish.
  2. Green Tea – An elixir for all your health and skin problems.
  3. Probiotics – For a healthy gut and healthy skin
  4. Foods rich in Vitamin A, D, E and Zinc
  5. Turmeric – Either consuming it orally or apply it on the skin

Hope you’ve a happy skin journey!

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