Very Soon- Delhi To Dehradun In 2.5 Hours!

There are those phrases that aren’t used much too often and perhaps for the simplest of reasons that they haven’t even been coined. But in a sense, they are used every single day.

Funny as that may sound.

And honestly speaking, perhaps one among the phrases is strategic corridor establishment. So how is that?

Because India is making them all the time and rightly so.

Here is an example:

Ever since 2006, a period of time in the fate of mega Indian infrastructure projects that was over a decade and a half back in the day, the one key project that much of the mega country of highways, rails and bridges and metro rail was working on was the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor under the able tutelage of the DMICDC. It is still a futuristic project and is yet to be fully done.

Most developments along the lines of physical infra, setting up of logistical system, laying down of cargo rail network and all such facets have been planned alongside the establishment of this particular corridor, a strategic one that connects the national capital Delhi to the financial capital of the country.

Hence, strategic corridors are becoming frequent and of vital importance to trade and commerce. Another aspect, very vital in the present day commerce between Delhi and Uttarakhand is the setting up of the Delhi-Dehradun corridor. This is being catered to by executing a new corridor that connects Delhi to Dehradun. At present, the total distance one needs to overcome in order to cover this route takes not less than 5 to 6 hours, easily speaking.

But with the coming up of the Delhi Dehradun economic corridor, the overall distance will come down to 2.5 hours.

Watch Full Video On Delhi Dehradun Expressway:

Miraculous, right?

So what are the salient features of the Delhi Dehradun corridor and what does the government say on this development. The following is what Live Mint had to say on the important economic aspect:

“It will have Asia’s largest wildlife elevated corridor (12 km) for unrestricted wildlife movement. Also, the 340 m long tunnel near Dat Kaali temple, Dehradun will help reduce impact on wildlife.” 

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Further, multiple animal passes have been provided in the Ganeshpur-Dehradun section for avoiding animal-vehicle collisions. The Delhi Dehradun Economic Corridor will also have arrangements for rainwater harvesting at intervals of 500 m and over 400 water recharge points, PMO said in its release. 

“The development of this corridor is expected to boost the economy of the region being served by the highway, especially boosting the tourism in Uttarakhand,” the statement added.

The news updates told above, what’s important to note is that honourable PM of the country, Shri Modi happened to share his enthusiasm about the upcoming Delhi to Dehradun distance cutter, if in an informal sense one could call it so. As someone ever conscious about the need to build massive infra projects in the country, that are a key catalyst to change and growth, the following is what the PMO or the PM’s office had to say:

“A significant focus of the visit will be on projects to improve road infrastructure, which will make travel smooth and safer, and also increase tourism in the region. This is in line with the vision of the Prime Minister to boost connectivity in the areas which were once considered far-flung.”

The official media statement told, what’s important is to note that the Delhi-Dehradun project, whose worth is no fewer than INR 18,000 crores is soon to be inaugurated with many saying that it could finally see the ribbon cutting come the approaching Saturday.

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