Delhi Schools Shut Again, Until Further Notice!

A school is not just a school; it is basically a temple of a kind and a sacred spot of learning. It’s where true wisdom flows free and idas are exchanged with passion. It’s where children don’t come only to study, but to forge great futures. Anything that eventually goes on to become a career has to have the bearings of sound education. And before any of that can even happen, a lot that happens to a young mind’s life happens at the school. Therefore, a school is fundamentally speaking, a great bridge between children and their path to avail their future; teachers!

But for all of the above great things to happen, a school needs to be open in the first place. Isn’t it? And where India’s national capital, Delhi goes, then that’s pretty much an issue. How?

Well, the schools are all set to shut down and yet again. In a piece of news that may simply read like- “Oh now, not again,” for such are the common keywords after all, the Delhi schools are going to shut again. And that’s the update where the second day of the final month of the year stands, i.e. December 2, 2021.

And when might the schools open again is something one just does not know. For all that’s known is that under the current climate of ghastly, unbreathable pollution pervading the suspended air over Delhi, it just does not make much or any sense whatsoever to have physical schools open again.

Where it stands at the present, then one can simply choke, not being dramatic, in Delhi’s polluted air. Nothing’s quite going right for a city that has dollops of both- people population as well as the population of cars. Both ever mushrooming in a dangerous sense of the word.

And if there ever was time to make some amends to the problem of having a plenty of what Delhi does not desire- then it is now.

Meanwhile, the following is what the Ministry of Environment’s Gopal Rai had to say on the occasion of the government in Delhi taking the decision that is in the best interest of the school going children:

We had reopened schools considering the forecast that air quality would improve. However, the air pollution levels have increased again and we have decided to shut schools from Friday till further orders.

Interestingly, the schools, after having recently remained shut until November 13, had only just opened that the Delhi schools have been shut again.

Moving on, the following is what a news report published on NDTV had to say on the key matter:

Warning of a strict action, the Supreme Court gave a 24-hour ultimatum to Centre, Delhi, and neighboring states to act against industrial and vehicular pollution – counted as the main causes behind the deteriorating air quality.

Chiding the Arvind Kejriwal government over the reopening of the schools, the top court said that “three-year-olds and four-year-olds are going to schools but adults are working from home”. “We will appoint somebody to administer your government,” Chief Justice NV Ramana said.

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