The New Pod Hotel At Mumbai’s Central Railway Station Is Creativity In Times Beating Conventions!

In an age defying conventions and the run-of-the-mill way of life, how far can real creativity go? If one were to actually understand the meaning of this then perhaps looking at things like the first ever ATM Machine or things such as the online banking can help.

If not, then it’s pertinent to look at other landmark creations that have, for the lack of better expression, stood out as breakthroughs in this part of the 21st century for actually no other word would suffice Such as elevators that made the concept of stairs seem futile. Then, portable drinking water instead of tap water, electric cars over conventional fuel-powered machines that make such a strong ecological point especially in this age where climate change is but an everyday (albeit sorry) phrase!

So how could astonishing creativity have distanced itself from the sphere of hospitality or tourism or travel? With an idea to lend more credibility, meaning and purpose to the sphere of travel and commute, innovative ideas such as a pod hotel in Mumbai have surfaced.

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Having said that, what is exactly meant by this recent development, the much talked about pod hotel in Mumbai. Just what is it? For starters, the first of its kind pod hotel in Mumbai came up for the simple concept of accommodating a place of convenience and shelter for the budget travelers.

To the untrained mind, these “could” either be those who aren’t necessarily looking for significantly spacious, luxurious or comfy abodes or those, who could well be travelers who are in transit.

It so often happens that given the vanities we all like to serenade ourselves with, we tend to spend more on items we could well have avoided spending on. So can the pod hotel be the much needed harbinger of change?

You know the utility of a capsule hotel when you take into consideration that there’s definitely a difference between a need and desire and that what often (actually) matters is need, not desires. So when you spend only on the essential, which speaking from a hotel room perspective means having access to a hotel room to sleep on, you are basically covered for the night.

A budget stay where you simply put yourself onto the bed and sleep away the night! That’s the idea behind the one of a kind pod hotel in Mumbai.

Having said the above, popular news platform NDTV too has emphasized about the right kind of change that is expected through such timely creations. Read more exciting insights about the pod hotel in Mumbai:

The first pod waiting room has come up on the first floor of Mumbai Central with 48 rooms in the offing. These include classic pods, private pods and “ladies-only” pods and pods for the differently-abled.

A pod hotel, also called a capsule hotel, has small rooms with a bed each. The model originated in Japan and has gradually gained popularity for providing a compact accommodation solution to travellers who do not want to rent a hotel just to stay the night or to sleep off the exhaustion of a short business trip.

The pods have been designed in a state-of-the art manner, a far cry from the image of overcrowded, sparsely furnished and ill-equipped railway waiting rooms where one would struggle to find a charging point for a dead cellphone battery.

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