Arrests Made In Delhi Regarding Blasts Near Israeli Embassy! Is The Mossad Watching?

The common saying in the world of espionage and geopolitics is that one shouldn’t mess with Israel. Rather, to put it more succinctly, one shouldn’t needlessly meddle with a country like Israel. Do not get your hands dirty in any untoward operation involving the state of Israel. For the repercussions can be serious and hurting! It can hurt to cross the line with a country whose people, for generations together, were subject to brutality and hatred (unwanted so) but have now collectively formed a nation state that is both revered for its scientific and technical highs and sullied for shedding blood of anyone who challenges its authority and hurts its people!

That being said, what transpired in the capital city of Delhi back in 2012, when blasts took place near the Israeli embassy in the heart of India’s capital leading to all perpetrators being extended the justice, has again taken place albeit after a brief period when similar blasts occurred in the same city again and on the same target.

For decades now, Jews have been subjected to sudden and spiteful attacks, and in even the most prominent parts of the world. While on the one hand, Germany hurtingly reports about the rise of the far right extremists to whom Germany belongs just to Germans, not to Muslims or Jews, in prominent centres of the world like Paris, London, and Brussels, anti-Semitic attacks have been on the rise, especially in the last two years.

But that does not mean that a city like Delhi that does house the Israeli embassy would get a different treatment. It’s been firmly established that the raging war that sees Iran and Israel locked in for a close battle has changed playgrounds, finding India as the latest venue for heated exchanges, that threaten life and in some cases, even led to bloodshed.

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That being told, earlier during the spring of 2021, when blasts took place in the vicinity of the Israeli embassy, there were shockwaves being experienced close to the Glilot Ma’arat Interchange, that overlooks the Mossad headquarters in the city of Tel Aviv.

But now, according to the CCTV footage released by India’s revered National Investigation agency, as many as 4 men have been arrested for allegedly having a hand in planning the attacks that many thought would do both- scare and scar Israel.

Of course, what’s followed on- as part of Israeli retaliation- are suspicious blasts in Iran’s top-secret nuclear sites, deep within the red-zoned areas of the religious extremist country, with one top-ranking nuclear scientist, after another being dispatched for the heavens.

All fingers have, since, pointed to one country in particular- Israel and its ultra secretive spy agency The Mossad, which in a classic Mossad way has neither denied nor owned up to what’s happened so far. Yet, this is a covert organisation feared like running into a werewolf in the wild.

Though the operations, mentioned above, were part of a special unit placed deep within Iran under the watchful tutelage of the outing Mossad chief Yossi Cohen, who has now been replaced by a man who’s served one of the top Intel agencies of the world for as long as last three decades- by David Barnea.

That being told, here’s what NDTV had to report on the nature of arrests as well as the background of those who were targeting to hurt the Israeli embassy and cause distress:

Four men from Jammu and Kashmir’s Kargil district, suspected to be involved in terror activities, have been arrested by the Delhi police’s special cell. According to sources, security forces have found evidence pointing at their involvement in a blast outside the Israel Embassy in January this year. They are currently being interrogated in the national capital.

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According to Delhi Police spokesperson Chinmaya Biswal, those arrested have been identified as Nazir Hussain, Zulfikar Ali Wazir, Aiaz Hussain and Muzammil Hussain; all belong to Kargil’s Thang village.

They have been brought to Delhi under transit remand. They were arrested under an open FIR after evidence linking them to the blast on January 29 was found, sources said.

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