Top 10 Biggest Dams in the World: Impressive Feats of Engineering

Dams are remarkable engineering structures that harness the power of water for various purposes, including power generation, flood control, irrigation, and water resource management. In this listicle, we explore the top 10 biggest dams in the world, showcasing their colossal size and their significant contributions to society.

Which is the biggest dam of world?

1. Three Gorges Dam, China – Biggest dam in the World

  • Height: 181 meters (594 feet)
  • Length: 2,335 meters (7,661 feet)
  • Location: Yangtze River, China
  • Reservoir Capacity: 39.3 billion cubic meters (1.39 trillion cubic feet)
Source: Wikipedia

The Three Gorges Dam in China claims the top spot as the world’s largest dam. It stands tall on the Yangtze River, boasting impressive dimensions and a massive reservoir capacity. This monumental structure serves as a vital source of hydroelectric power generation and flood control, playing a crucial role in China’s development.

2. Itaipu Dam, Brazil and Paraguay:

  • Height: 196 meters (643 feet)
  • Length: 7,919 meters (26,047 feet)
  • Location: Paraná River, Brazil/Paraguay border
  • Reservoir Capacity: 29.3 billion cubic meters (1.03 trillion cubic feet)
Source: Wikipedia

Spanning across the Paraná River, the Itaipu Dam ranks as the second-largest dam globally. Situated on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, it stands as a symbol of cooperation and impressive engineering. The Itaipu Dam generates vast amounts of clean energy, meeting the electricity needs of both countries and beyond.

3. Xiluodu Dam, China:

  • Height: 285.5 meters (936 feet)
  • Length: 700 meters (2,297 feet)
  • Location: Jinsha River, China
  • Reservoir Capacity: 12.67 billion cubic meters (447 billion cubic feet)
Source: Global Times Photo: VCG

Located on the Jinsha River in China, the Xiluodu Dam secures the third position on our list. With its towering height and extensive reservoir capacity, the Xiluodu Dam significantly contributes to hydroelectric power generation and flood control efforts in China.

4. Grand Coulee Dam, United States:

  • Height: 168 meters (550 feet)
  • Length: 1,592 meters (5,223 feet)
  • Location: Columbia River, Washington, USA
  • Reservoir Capacity: 12.6 billion cubic meters (445 billion cubic feet)

As one of the United States’ most iconic structures, the Grand Coulee Dam ranks as the fourth-largest dam in the world. Nestled on the Columbia River in Washington state, this concrete gravity dam is renowned for its hydroelectric power generation and its role in irrigation systems.

5. Jinping-I Dam, China:

  • Height: 305 meters (1,001 feet)
  • Length: 568 meters (1,864 feet)
  • Location: Yalong River, China
  • Reservoir Capacity: 3.43 billion cubic meters (121 billion cubic feet)

China secures another spot on the list with the Jinping-I Dam, the tallest dam in the world. Standing majestically on the Yalong River, this arch dam is an engineering marvel that significantly contributes to hydropower generation and flood control in the region.

6. Guri Dam, Venezuela:

  • Height: 162 meters (531 feet)
  • Length: 7,426 meters (24,350 feet)
  • Location: Caroní River, Venezuela
  • Reservoir Capacity: 135 billion cubic meters (4.77 trillion cubic feet)

The Guri Dam, situated on the Caroní River in Venezuela, ranks among the largest dams globally. This impressive structure not only generates a significant amount of hydroelectric power but also provides water supply and irrigation for agricultural purposes.

7. Tucuruí Dam, Brazil:

  • Height: 78 meters (256 feet)
  • Length: 11,000 meters (36,089 feet)
  • Location: Tocantins River, Brazil
  • Reservoir Capacity: 45.3 billion cubic meters (1.6 trillion cubic feet)

In Brazil, the Tucuruí Dam stands as a testament to the country’s commitment to renewable energy. Located on the Tocantins River, it generates a substantial amount of electricity, fueling economic growth and development in the region.

8. Tarbela Dam, Pakistan:

  • Height: 148 meters (486 feet)
  • Length: 2,743 meters (8,999 feet)
  • Location: Indus River, Pakistan
  • Reservoir Capacity: 11.62 billion cubic meters (410 billion cubic feet)
Source: GNN hd

The Tarbela Dam, situated on the mighty Indus River in Pakistan, is one of the largest earth-filled dams globally. With its substantial height and reservoir capacity, it plays a crucial role in irrigation, hydroelectric power generation, and flood control in the region.

9. Atatürk Dam, Turkey:

  • Height: 166 meters (545 feet)
  • Length: 1,820 meters (5,971 feet)
  • Location: Euphrates River, Turkey
  • Reservoir Capacity: 48.7 billion cubic meters (1.72 trillion cubic feet)

Turkey’s Atatürk Dam, located on the Euphrates River, is an engineering marvel that has significantly contributed to the country’s development. It serves as a vital source of hydropower, irrigation, and flood control, helping to meet Turkey’s growing energy demands.

10. Oroville Dam, United States:

  • Height: 230 meters (770 feet)
  • Length: 2,335 meters (7,661 feet)
  • Location: Feather River, California, USA
  • Reservoir Capacity: 4.36 billion cubic meters (154 billion cubic feet)

Completing our list is the Oroville Dam, situated on the Feather River in California, United States. Known for its impressive height, the Oroville Dam provides water supply, hydroelectric power, and flood control, catering to the needs of the region.

These top 10 biggest dams in the world exemplify the incredible achievements of engineering and their pivotal role in powering economies, managing water resources, and protecting communities from floods. These monumental structures stand as testaments to human ingenuity, contributing to sustainable development and shaping landscapes worldwide.

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