What Is The Impact Of Lufthansa Pilots’ Strike On Indian Passengers?

To a country for which developments and successes in the realm of automobile and aviation are but a normal order of the day, just how big and worrisome is the news of an extensive strike by Lufthansa pilots?

Germany, truth be told, is in a spot of bother. As is Lufthansa pilots, most of whom have gone on a strike in lines with unrest with a payments issue (and with immediate effect).

But it’s interesting to think how strikes by pilots in Germany and hence, the general disruption in other territories where Lufthansa flies has tethered the schedule of a countless many.

Of the enraged lot, many belong to India, a famous student destination for German colleges, universities and other prestigious academic institutions.

All of that being said, it is important to note the actual consequence of what the cancellation of Germany’s famous carrier Lufthansa has done to a country like India. And at the same time, take cognisance of the fact that how a worldwide travel disruption has happened all thanks to the the strike by the Lufthansa pilots!

That told, the following is what popular news platform Newsbyte had to say on its app:

The German carrier’s decision to cancel all flights due to a strike by its pilot union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) has affected 1.3 lakh passengers internationally. The union is staging an all-day protest on Friday to demand a 5.5% pay rise for all pilots.

As per CRPF officials, 300 passengers meant to board Lufthansa’s Frankfurt-bound flight and 400 passengers meant to board its Munich-bound flight got to know about its cancellation at 10:15 pm.In the resulting chaos, people protested against Lufthansa for not providing them with a full refund, accommodation, or even an alternate flight.The protests also slowed down traffic movement around midnight.

That being told, such a thing affects the lives of not only the important faces of a society or for that matter dignitaries alone. It also impacts the lives of students whose travel schedules definitely take a direct hit as students, particularly here in the case of India and Germany do a to-and-fro between the nations.

At any point in time of the year, there are tens of hundreds of students from India who can be found studying in Germany. As a matter of fact, universities in Stuttgart, Berlin, Munich et cetera attract dozens of promising, bright Indian minds in the realm of Engineering, Law, Economics, and even Mathematics Natural Sciences.

Against that narrative and from the space of pilots getting what they feel they deserve, it is a must that Lufthansa must take the matter seriously and do what it can to ensure that the ongoing strike comes to an end.

That’s, without too much of time slipping away in a bid to ensure that things do no spiral out of control anymore.

The last thing that Germany, i.e., the strongman of Western Europe needs at this time is to see an economic strife especially at a time where the need to fight inflation that has already crept up the German society, is paramount.

Watch this space for more updates in the imminent future.

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