What Major Change Has Instagram Decided To Introduce Soon?

Instagram is to photos what Rajasthan is to palaces and fortresses, Europe is to snow, Cricket is to runs, Football to goals and Netflix is to interesting content.

Wouldn’t you agree?

While most of the contemporary or present-day social media platforms are about connecting to like-minded individuals, friends and relatives, Instagram is a bit more.

It’s not, strictly speaking, about joining groups and pages that have a particular subject or theme of one’s interest. Nor is it a space where individuals, regardless of who they are and where they come from babble instantaneously or throughout the day, or even a space where ranting takes place all day.

Instagram is about making workforce meet workforce. It’s about giving just the kind of platform that creative individuals need to flourish. With pictures and artwork being the background of this much vaunted social media platform, Instagram is truly a place where one comes and struts her or his stuff for there’s much confidence that it will need countless eyeballs.

And in taking a much needed and timely step towards this very cause, the famous Facebook-owned platform has decided to introduce a new feature in the imminent future. This is a feature that will certainly enhance the way people showcase their work and skills on a platform, which, it may not be wrong to say, has become one of the most widely used and trending apps in our day to day life.

So the key question is this: what new interesting feature is Instagram going to introduce and how will one come to benefit from it actually?

Believe it or not, but Instagram will soon let you pin your best posts towards the top of your profile.

So how does this work after all? Say, for example you are a Cricket author who runs his own platform that features on daily updates that deal in the realm of content that’s based on “This Day, That Year,” “Cricketers’ biographies, “Tributes and Salutations”.

You wish for a post, that had on your website received wide reaching response and was generally well received than most others. You take a snapshot of it and decide to pin it on Instagram. So what this will do then is that it will take some of your most noted or popular work to the top of the page.

Such a post, therefore, will actually let the others take notice of your or your profile more quickly and this will, in turn, lead to better traction.

A news report published on this regard on famous platform Tech Crunch had the following insights to share:

The feature is currently only live for some users as part of the testing process. These users can pin posts to the top of their profile similar to pinned tweets on Twitter or videos on TikTok. The feature has reportedly been in the works for months now.

Those who have access to the feature, will see a “Pin to your profile” option on the three dot menu (context menu) on an Instagram post.

That being said, when Meta was contacted on more information about this soon-to-appear feature on Instagram, the following was shared: “We’re testing a new feature that lets people feature posts on their profile!”

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Though to add more, pinned posts, for instance, for non working professionals or daily users could even be about some of the most liked and commented pictures that garnered a larger response base than most other posts.


So are you excited about this new feature and what have you planned to promote and encourage using this feature when it comes about?

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