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How Lahti, Among The Smallest Cities In Finland, Is Leading The Charge In Sustainability.

They drink beer but don’t go nuts. They get hammered in bars but don’t necessarily create a ruckus. They may watch crime-thrillers like the Iceman- not dedicated to Kimi Raikkonen, lol- but don’t do normal thrill-seeking stuff like hosting a loud garden party.

They bike in the snow, jump into the sauna at the highest altitude possible, do Motorcross and rally racing and don’t make a big deal out of talks that relate them to the Norse men.

The Finns, they do it differently, truth be told.

Actualy… Monimutkainen! Yeah, that’s the word. Monimutkainen. The Finnish word for complicated. The funny thing being that while there’s a word like that in the Finnish language as also in the dictionary, it doesn’t really have an application in the Finnish way of life. So how’s that?

The Finns, well, they do it differently. Utterly simple, quiet, self-content and drawn to adventurous things without making a huge hue and cry about them, the Finns do more and talk less and hype even lesser. Not everywhere else, but in the majority of the world, it’s the opposite.

There’s, probably speaking, more drama and hype anywhere else in the world for the Finns to like, a bunch of people who do things as how they like it and don’t really make a big deal about big things, which they are habitual of achieving.

Take the case of one among the smallest cities in Finland, for an example. For starters, do you know Lahti is among the smallest cities of Finland?

Lahti, tiny as its name, is leading the charge in the best practices followed in the realm of sustainability. Located at just around an hour and eighteen minutes’ drive from the Finnish capital of Helsinki, Lahti is not your average joe of a city.

It’s not the place where you’d spot the most salubrious cars or expensive wagons, premium-made whether in Germany, France or England.

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One of the smallest cities in Finland is a destination for cycles and cyclists. The ideal place to go for long walks. The place to be amid a wintery sojourn. The resplendence of the nature. You know, the place where you can simply sit by yourself and seek the magic in the falling leaves.

All of that and more.

But there’s still a reason, in particular, because of which Lahti, one of the smallest cities in Finland is making news.

And it’s that the capital city of the region of Paijanne Tavastia is a model of leading the best sustainable practices in the whole of Finland. But just how did all of this happen? How did a tiny city with a population of no more than 1.5 lakhs, at the most, is doing what other proper, large-sized (knowing large for Finland is moderately big given world’s leading cities) cities such as Helsinki, Espoo and others aren’t doing?

The following piece of excerpts came in a recent story published in Euro News and this is what one needs to know:

Scandinavian countries are well-known for their green credentials, but one city in Finland is leading the way as a role model to the rest of the world – and it’s not Helsinki.

Its transition from a traditional, industrial town into a modern green city has become a European success story.

Lahti won the award for European Green Capital in 2021, as the smallest and most northern city to be crowned so far.

Its transition from a traditional, industrial town into a modern green city has become a European success story, which gives hope to the rest of us struggling to see the light at the end of the climate tunnel.

Will this model be used and if so, then how early by the rest of the Finnish cities?

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