Benefits Of Rose Petals: From Younger-Looking Skin To A Mood Changer

The roses in your vases will do a lot more good if you put them on your skin. The benefits of rose petals on the skin are manifold and this discovery was made centuries ago. It is known that since ancient times, rose petals or rose water was used to beautify oneself. Not just that there are many medicinal benefits of using rose petals or rose water as well. 

Here is a guide that will talk about the benefits of rose petals on the skin, both, medicinally as well as in beauty products:  

1. Works as an antioxidant

The benefit of putting rose petals on your skin is that it works as an excellent antioxidant. 

Skin products, whether natural or otherwise, with antioxidants, are great for your skin. They help to work on the damaged skin cells. They also perform the great task of discarding and rejuvenating the dead tissue cells. 

The antioxidants present in rose petals also fights against the free radicals and thereby help in slowing down the ageing process of the skin. 

2. Soothes the skin irritation – Benefits of rose petals

When a person is suffering from skin conditions like rosacea or eczema, their skin is constantly itchy and red. 

For a layman, rosacea is a skin condition that causes pus-filled bumps on the cheeks area. Whereas eczema is a skin condition in which inflammation ruption across your skin. 

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Rose petals or rose water have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it can be used medicinally for multiple purposes both internal as well as external. 

The benefit of rose petals on the skin irritated with rosacea or eczema is that they will soothe it down and also accelerate the healing process. 

3. Treat cut or burns

Often in the kitchen or while playing, we all get cuts or burns. There is a possibility that the first aid box is not always available. In such cases, the rose can be your saviour. 

Rose petals and rose water both have antibacterial properties. This will heal your wounds faster. 

These anti-bacterial properties also prevent the infection caused in such wounds. 

The benefit of rose petals on the skin is that they work as a substitute for your first aid box. 

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4. Great moisturiser for all skin types – Benefits of rose petals

Changes in weather conditions can lead to your skin feeling dry and dull. This is majorly the case if you are living in a metro city with a fast life and a polluted environment. 

Instead of using a moisturiser with high chemical content, you can use rose petals or rose water. 

The benefit of rose petals on the skin is that it is a great moisturiser for all skin types. 

You can also use essential oils that are made from a rose – as they are also a great source of retaining the moisture content of your skin. 

Rose or rose water can help you hydrate your skin naturally without the use of any chemicals. 

5. Reduces the wrinkles on your skin

The rose petals as well as rose water contains the two vitamins which are like best friends for all skin types – vitamin A and vitamin C. 

These two vitamins are known to accelerate the production of collagen in your skin. This production of collagen can then help you fight against spots, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing. 

It is interesting to note that the rosehip seed oil which is derived from the fruits on the rose plant is an amazing source of retinol. 

6. Reduces excess production of oil

The benefit of rose petals on skin extends to maintaining the natural pH level of your skin. 

When you put rose petals or rose water on your skin it acts as a moisturiser as mentioned above. With that, it increases the level of water in the skin and reduces the production of excess oil. 

7. Healer for your scalp – Benefits of rose petals

During the dry season, many of us face dry and itchy scalp. 

The rose water or rose petals come to one’s rescue. 

The benefit of rose petals on the skin is that it treats and soothes the dry and flaky scalp. It also promotes the easy and fast blood flow to our hair follicles which in turn boosts hair growth. 

8. Mood Enhancer

Apart from all the skin and hair-related benefits, rose petals are the go-to for many when they feel depressed or anxious. 

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Studies have shown that the rose petals, as well as rose water, have antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties. They work miraculously on the central nervous system of an individual. 

So, next time when your anxieties are running high, add a few petals of a rose in your bath and witness its magic. 


We are in the age of chemical peeling and laser treatments to get that impeccable looking skin. 

Whereas those technologies do wonders and are tested thoroughly, they will never be able to beat the natural products to heal our skin or hair. 

The benefits of the rose petals on the skin as narrated above are tried and tested for years. Try it for yourself and you will see the magic. 

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