A Bunch Of People Are Finding Narendra Modi’s Pic With Nehru’s Name In The ‘India First PM’ Google Search

There have been various instances when Google made a mistake in the past and for some reason every time it happens, a bunch of people start making it a national, and at times an international news. The same is happening now.

What one might call a technical glitch, Narendra Modi’s picture comes alongside Jawaharlal Nehru’s name under the Google search for ‘India First PM’. As much surprising as the act is, it indeed is something fairly recent. Though it’s uncertain when this quirk happened, the social media fraternity suddenly discovered it early April 25, when someone took a screenshot of the search result page and tweeted it out. Many others followed suit, taking screenshots of their own and sharing them on social media, with variants of the question: Why?

Here are some of the screenshots from the discovery of this technical glitch that makes Narendra Modi both the first and the current Prime Minister of the nation, though with different names.

Exactly why and how can something like this even happen, even for a glitch, there has to be a reason behind the entire thing and one of the Twitter users actually shared an insight on what could possibly be the reason behind the glitch. Here’s his tweet.

Google hasn’t yet responded to the glitch and people’s queries for that matter, but now that we know what could possibly be the reason, let’s just laugh the entire thing off, like what we usually do.

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