Exclusive: Dr. Guninderjit Singh Minku Jawandha’s 10-Year Legacy of Humanity through JAPHAR WELFARE SOCIETY!

In the year 2012 Japhar Welfare Society saw its beginning as Late. Mr. Hakam Singh Jawandha (Chairman), was determined to help the people in need. In 2014  Dr. Guninderjit Singh Jawandha (Minku Jawandha) continued this work with utmost dedication and vision, that today after more than 10 years Japhar welfare Society is helping and changing more and more lives of poor people towards a dignified and dependent life for the coming years.

The philosophy Of Japhar Welfare Society as mentioned by Dr. Guninderjit Singh are

  • Help the poor people (esp. which are left by NGOs and government schemes).
  • Increase the awareness among common people about their fundamental rights
  • Empower the girl child and women to be independent to survive with their head held high.
  • Quit addiction which includes drugs (main target), alcohol and smoking.
  • Be a responsible citizen

This work needs constant motivation along with the support of people around you and that’s how any change grows, shows its impact. Similarly, over the last 10 years Japhar Welfare Society has grown its roots deeper and deeper into the region of Malwa, by constantly working for people and solving their issues rather than just helping them momentarily.

Major Achievements And Ideas Implemented By Japhar Welfare Society Over the years

  1. Giving monthly ration to 200 households in each and every corner of Punjab. Mr. Jawandha is such a kind and warm hearted human being that he always helps every person possible who comes to him. They have already distributed free ration to around 26000 households which is a record itself for a service to humanity.
  2. The society helped poor people by opening stitching centers and making poor women of the village self employed. They opened 27 sewing centers in some villages/cities of Punjab and appointed sewing teachers to teach girls and slowly took the toll of sewing centers to 50 in 2015 and sewing centers are still running till date. The Japhar welfare society is especially concerned with empowerment and upliftment of poor women .The society also pays fees of girl childs whose parents are not capable of sending them to schools. The society also distributes books and stationary to poor kids.
  3. The Japhar welfare society has adopted many poor orphaned children and most of them are girls in the age group of 11 to 15 years old by providing them food, shelter, education on his own cost, so that they will go on the right path and serve the nation by becoming good citizens.
  4. The Japhar welfare society motivates the young people to quit drugs as it is becoming social evil on the land of Punjab. Many sports related events were conducted in villages and in college to encourage the youngsters to take part in sports. For this Mr. Minku Jawandha conducted cricket tournaments in Namapur village and kabaddi tournaments at different places & times in Malwa region.
  5. Dr. Guninderjit Jawandha also distributed cheques to cancer patients. He is also a member of Sarbat da Bhala society, this society provides medicines to cancer patients at nominal cost by opening Modi Khana in the vicinity of Gurudwara Sahib, Mubarik Mehal.

Society upliftment is amalgamation of each and every person’s efforts. Small steps lead to major changes and Japhar Welfare Society is such an example for us. So as quoted by Will Roger “It’s great to be great, but it’s greater to be human” sums up the motive and sentiment behind the functioning Japhar welfare Society. 

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