Lajpat Nagar Central Market To Remain Shut For Breach Of COVID Norms!

Another day and another piece of news regarding the breach of COVID protocols. While in the recent past, one got to hear news about the breach of COVID protocols in cities like Indore, which on any given day, makes positive news regarding its spick and span state of cleanliness, it now appears that the same problem has harangued Delhi. The problem of utter failure at maintaining COVID 19 protocols. And just who is the culprit this time around?

Well, as it turns out, the Central market of Delhi’s famous Lajpat Nagar. Though truth is, when a small eatery or shop, tucked into one corner of a huge market comes up with an act of negligence, you can still count it as one of those one off occurrences, right? But, clearly not so much when it’s a huge market complex that finds itself as a defaulter.

So this brings us to the vital question at this time- just what happened at Delhi’s famous and among the biggest markets- Lajpat Nagar- that the authorities decided to keep it shut? And just who exactly is to be blamed?

What’s important to note is that until further notice, the said market is to remain closed after the majority of Lajpat Nagar-bound Central Market was found guilty of not following the proper COVID 19 protocols. This is an act that’s absolutely in contrast to what the government bodies would’ve desired. And now, those who find themselves facing the long cane of the government law find themselves staring at dwindling sales figures and profits.


There are, after all, countless traders, shopkeepers, brand owners, who earn their livelihood from the central market, at Lajpat Nagar. But by not adhering to the simplest of requirements (key to one’s safety at this point in time), such as social distancing, a huge damning blow has been dealt by the traders and shop owners themselves and for this action, no one else can be pointed fingers at. Isn’t it?

In its coverage of the news on the developing story, here is what the city-based NDTV had to share:

Sadar Bazaar’s Rui Mandi market has also been shut till tomorrow, authorities said, adding that people flocked the market in large numbers leading to breach of Covid norms.

Lajpat Nagar’s traders told NDTV that they are ready to follow all rules and will try their best to implement social distancing.

“We keep telling customers to stand apart and wear masks. We try our best. Majority of the people here wear masks. But I can’t say that its 100 per cent,” Pawan Singh, a shopkeeper tells NDTV.

“Our livelihoods are at stake. The pandemic has already caused huge financial losses for us,” the traders told NDTV saying they will hold meetings with authorities over reopening the market.

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That being told, the following is what an official order warned to one and all in lines with keeping mindful about not repeating the same course of negligence:

If any shopkeeper is found violating the order or any act which may spread the deadly virus, necessary action would be taken against them, it warned.

And to conclude, one reckons, it is only fair that such a stern course of action be taken against the perpetrators. After all, at a time where the country is trying its level best to get on top of a very precarious situation, one that has claimed lakhs and lakhs of life in India itself, such utter negligence from a huge urban space cannot be tolerated!

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