Mumbai Restaurants And Salons To Reopen- With An Occupancy Of 50 Per Cent!

One of the major cities of India that had been gasping for a breath of relief, having suffered tremendously during these difficult COVID 19 days, is finally beginning to come back to its feet. And in some cases, as was seen, the city was feeling akin to experiencing having an elephant land its mighty foot on to its chest.

With a severe death toll, a constantly climbing COVID 19 cases, with the term restrictions and lockdown being the order of the day- Mumbai was troubled, much like Delhi. As a matter of fact, in April, you just didn’t know which city in India was feeling more threatened or troubled- was it national capital of India or its financial capital.

But what followed from that point on, was a surge in vaccination and strict adherence to the lockdown norms. And now, after almost a month of staying closed, indoors with a sense of absolute restriction, one of the most enterprising cities of India- Mumbai is opening up. And slowly but steadily, one is getting to hear slices of positive news related to services and points of utility being opened up for the general public, which does not exclude spots of recreation.

So that brings us to the question- how is it like at this point in time in Mumbai? What is opening up and in what capacity?

To that end, it’s important to be informed that not only shall the saloons across the city will be opened but also the restaurants. We shall slowly see them operate at a 50 per cent occupancy rate.

If that’s not a piece of news that both positive and refreshing, then one wonders, what is?

But there’s also a catch.

None of the saloons or restaurants shall be continuously open throughout the day in Mumbai, for according to the restrictions put in place by the honourable Maharashtra government, they’ll operate for a few hours each day.

Business Standard

That being said, it’s also important to note that health centres like gyms will also soon reopen for a few hours each day.

That being said, here is what Business Standard had to report on the major trending story from the Western heart of India:

Maharashtra’s government issued regulations late on Friday to ease lockdowns to contain the spread of Covid-19 depending on the weekly case positivity rate and occupancy of oxygenated beds in districts.

Districts would be -classified on five levels. Those with case-positivity rate of less than five per cent and bed occupancy less than 25 per cent are in Level 1. They will lift all restrictions and allow malls, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and salons to reopen.

At the same time, one wonders about the operations of offices around the city, with many denizens of Mumbai still continuing to work from home- the normal practice in COVID-riddled times. Is some change on the cards there as well?

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Offices can function with 50 per cent attendance in Level 3 districts. Travel in local trains will be permitted only to health workers, essential sector employees and women in these districts.

Soon, we may see a bit more relaxation in the COVID restrictions. But where things like shopping malls and cinemas are concerned, there’s no apparent clarity, at least, at this point in time. So one will have to wait until more information arrives on this particular front.

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