Odisha Has Extended The Lockdown To Keep A Check On The Virus Surge!

Nestled into the vibrant democracy’s far-east lays the state of Odisha, truly a spectacular gem of India, replete with heritage sites and enthralling views. If you are someone who’s seen the royal castles and forts of Rajasthan and visited the soul-stirring ‘Backwaters of Kerala,’ and even done the beachy hangouts in the state of Goa, then Odisha will offer you a surreal experience exposing you to captivating sites like the Puri Beach festival and the Jagannath Rath Yatra.

Yet, all one finds in Odisha nowadays is the common man locked inside the homes, seldom venturing out, whether you talk of Rourkela, Cuttack, or Bhubaneswar, the sprawling capital city.

And the reason? Much like the rest of the country that is really trying to tread with caution, Odisha is no different. It’s keeping mum and being low key in these dreadful days where the treacherous COVID 19 virus seems to have created an atmosphere riddled with tense vibes and the fear of the unknown.

Perhaps that happens to be the very reason for which the state government has now decided to shut the doors in the state further for a period that sees everything locked and behind closed doors- as they say- and that too, well until mid-June.

In what can be described as a bit of a sad news, there shall now be an extension of the lockdown in the state of Odisha that is bound to last until June 17, 2021. But on a lighter note, look at the bright side. And yes, there’s one!

June definitely happens to be the hottest month in the calendar year where India is concerned. One doesn’t find too many aimlessly meandering anywhere with the scorching sun coming down heavily on one and all.

Might just be a great idea to stay safe indoors with the Coolers and ACs on- don’t you think?

That being said, what did the state’s Chief Secretary Mr. S C Mohapatra have to say on the development? Let’s find out:

The lockdown is primarily aimed at restricting movement of people and not goods. All restrictions and exemptions of the previous lockdowns will be implemented in the third phase, too!”

If, in case, you were wondering about what is allowed and what isn’t during the lockdown, which will eat up the better part of June, here is what you ought to know-

Earlier, Chief Secretary S C Mohapatra announced that the complete weekend shutdown on Saturdays and Sundays, when only hospitals and medical outlets are allowed to operate, will also continue as earlier.

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News outlet Live Mint also quoted the Chief Secretary on more-

“Mohapatra said that some stricter measures will be taken in the second phase of the lockdown. During the first phase, people got six hours from 6 am daily to purchase essential items, but now the window was reduced to five hours.”

That being said, in these times where several regions across India are faring reasonably well in controlling the surge of the dreaded virus, by observing state-wide lockdowns, perhaps it only makes sense to not take things for granted and tread with caution.

Only then, can we say, India fared well after having endured what was clearly a terrible period of suffering, particularly during the month of April, 2021. What do you reckon?Stay safe and indoors, Odisha.

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