The Strange Case Of A Missing Delhi Rapper MC Kode!

We love mystery tales and stories on the edge of suspense. We relish the whodunnit, whether it’s a latest on Netflix or a past crime thriller that brings to life the surreal but unexpected shocking tales. But when something similar happens in the real life- then there’s not much thrill anymore. The only thing that ever lasts is pain and shock. And when things really go wrong, then even horror. For the past few days, one of the pieces of news that has actually been a bit under the radar pertains to the shocking disappearance of a Delhi-based rapper known as MC Kode.

Though, actually named, Aditya Tiwari, the avid music-loving youngster has a thing for rap music and a taste for the pure Black American sound. So much so that he even took to rap battles, that aren’t anything new but a classic form of rap competition in the United States.

But truth be told, where it stands at the moment, then it appears that there’s some foul play or an air of mischief surrounding the alleged disappearance of budding rapper from Delhi MC Kode.

In the last few days, one particular video that has been doing rounds over social media shows MC Kode rapping controversially about the mythological legend the Mahabharata.

The video gained both popularity and notoriety over social media, following which the family of the rapper has been concerned about their son Aditya Tiwari. Why? As soon after the video appeared on YouTube, aspiring rapper would go missing.

As a matter of fact, the 22-year-old happens to be a popular name in Delhi’s underground hip hop scene that flourishes late into the night and well into the wee hours of the morning in perhaps some of the most obscure spots. For instance, it could be an abandoned building. A dilapidated construction site. Or, even an underground parking lot.

Now, the police investigating the sudden disappearance of MC Kode suggest that his last noticeable location was the Delhi NCR’s Noida region. Since that, no one seems to have had a clue as to what happened to the budding singer.

In its version of the events surrounding the Delhi rapper, here is what the police have told the Indian Express in a very recent interaction:

With the help of technical surveillance, police found that his phone’s last location was in Noida on May 25. It was later switched off. They have now written letters to social media sites to provide certain information related to his account.

And the following account was published on the famous news daily of India:

Last week, a video of an old ‘rap battle’ resurfaced, which purportedly showed Aditya, who was 17 at the time, reciting lyrics disrespectful towards Hindu scriptures. This was met with backlash and death threats on social media, which continued despite an apology from the rapper.

That being said, what really happened to Aditya? Did someone just kidnap him having found his lyrics offensive to what is truly speaking, a mega Indian Hindu scripture, one of profound spiritual and cultural importance and context?

Or is someone just playing games? Where in Delhi, if at all he’s there, is rapper MC Kode? When can we see him again?

Though, what’s known is that the following self-admission appeared on the rapper’s Insta account, in response to the heated verbatim that followed his take on the pious Mahabharat:

The constant suffering and trials and tribulations of life have made me weak. Currently standing at an isolated bridge overlooking the Yamuna… I do not blame anyone for anything but myself. A relief from my own existence is gonna serve as a punishment that the entire country wanted

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