The Lockdown Norms To Be Partially Relaxed In Delhi From Monday!

There is a total lockdown in the country’s national capital at the moment. Wherever you look, empty roads and semi empty streets greet you cutting a rather dour look. There’s little sense to move about freely and absolutely no sense in getting to greet friends and relatives. If there was ever a time where it did appear that life existed in the form of a house arrest or inside the digital world, then probably this is it! The same story persisted last year and it appears, not an awful lot has changed this year too. But then, there’s a tad bit of relaxation finally where it comes to the norms associated with the lockdown.

So what is it about?

Come Monday, i.e., May 31, 2021, and one shall see some relaxation in the norms associated with the lockdown in Delhi. So what exactly are the denizens of Delhi going to see and what changes might occur, even though there’s a slight relaxation on the cards?

Both factories as well as the construction sector will be allowed to operate from Monday onwards. As it is, the extension of the lockdown came into affect no fewer than five times this year, which only goes to explain just how serious a situation existed in Delhi.

That being told, what must also be duly noted is that the announcement from the Delhi CM marks the process of scaling down of the lockdown in these COVID-riddled times, where there’s hardly been a day one did not hear fatal news and updates about serious illnesses.

In the direct words of the Delhi CM, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, following updates came to light pertaining to the easing up of restrictions related to the lockdown in Delhi:

“In one month, we have controlled this wave to a large extent. In the last 24 hours, around 1,100 new cases were recorded and the positivity rate was around 1.5%. Currently, there is no shortage of hospital beds, ICU beds and oxygen. So, we have to start the un-lockdown process. We should ensure that we don’t land in a position in which people survive Covid-19 but die of poverty.”

And the above assessment, it ought to be said, is only fair since the national capital experienced one of the most harrowing days in its recent history given the severity of the COVID virus was too much to handle especially during April, earlier this year.

That told, speaking more on the relaxation process associated with the lockdown in Delhi, the CM would go on to add- “Now, week after week we will widen the phased relaxation process on the basis of public opinion and experts’ opinion. But if Covid-19 cases start increasing, we will have to stop all economic activities again. So, I urge people to adhere to all regulations and strictly follow Covid-19 appropriate behaviour. That is the only way to control Covid-19. Don’t step out unless it is necessary. We are not in favour of a lockdown. We are aware of its negative implications. So, we don’t want that to happen again.”

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But to conclude, the relaxation norms of the lockdown in Delhi does not suggest that the trouble is fully over; one must find the need to exercise caution and remain vigilant as being basic human necessitates in these challenging times. What do you think?

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