3 Iconic Buildings Of Delhi To Be Demolished For Central Vista Project

A country is known by the state of its infrastructural and financial well-being and the general nature of its citizens. Similarly, the quality of a city and its infrastructure along with the quality of life it offers an individuals stand as the milestones by virtue of which one analysis a destination or region. But ever wondered what truly constitutes a great city? Particularly where it comes to mega capital cities of the world, whether you talk of a London, Paris, Washington DC, Canberra, to quote a few- an important constituent is always its buildings.

Thought about in those lines? They are the true passports of mega world cities. They carry a touch of history and stand at the important crossroads of the ‘has-been’ generation and the posterity that shall come to visit them or interact with them in some way or the other.

And it must be duly mentioned that a city like Delhi too, has seen its history been shaped by a rich pantheon of historical buildings; emblems of architecture that carry a pristine rich value. They’ve been there since always but some of them, at least, where it comes to the new landmark project- may not remain where they do today.

So what do we exactly mean by this?

Well, as far as the confirmed sources of news remain, then it’s already widely-known that as many as three of Delhi’s remarkable and significant buildings might not remain in the course of the future. Confused? Well, don’t be! They are all set to be demolished in lines with the yet-to-be-launched Central Vista project.

Image source: India TV News

Of course, it’s worthwhile to note that the mega Central Vista project of the venerable Indian Government is worth a huge sum of money, approximately INR 20,000 crore.

And it is expected to add a new touch to the city’s growing infrastructure.

That being said, let us find out that which three iconic Delhi buildings are going to come under the hammer of demolition?

Here’s what a news report published on the revered NDTV had to say:

The other buildings marked for demolition are: Shastri Bhavan, Krishi Bhavan, Vigyan Bhavan, Vice President’s Residence, Jawahar Bhavan, Nirman Bhavan, Udyog Bhavan, Raksha Bhavan. The total area to be demolished is 4,58,820 square metres.

The National Museum has thousands of invaluable rare idols, original sculptures, priceless coins, paintings and jewellery that connect several points of political and cultural history. These include the famous dancing girl of Harappa, Nataraja in Chola Bronze, relics of Buddha, Ganjifa cards, Tanjore paintings and wood carved doors. All these objects will be shifted to North or South Block.

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The above told, gladly speaking, the main building of the National Archives will remain intact, as per the confirmed sources of news. It is the annexe building which is all set to face the hammer. Though, make no mistake- grand and elaborate that it may be, it is not that the upcoming Central Vista project has not faced very vehement public opposition with several public intellectuals actually reaching out to the honourable PM of the country stating in no uncertain terms that it’s a bit disappointing that while the country continues to face the ghastly second wave of the devastating pandemic, work is constantly proceeding on the Central Vista project.

But surely, what’s already started and at a good scale must also finish! And so shall it , one supposes.

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