Delhi, Once Again, Defies Social Distancing, With Several Found Flouting Norms!

Let’s talk of facts first. They are called norms for the simple reason that norms are to be respected and adhered to, and are meant to be clearly followed for they are about practicing a certain kind of abstinence from unruly behaviour. But what is one to do when it comes to following pre-determined set of norms and the folks of Delhi? Can it ever happen that those from Delhi end up paying respect to norms, more so if some are specifically instituted for the well-being of the citizens of the city? Where it comes to the COVID norms, then it has been found that in the post-lockdown phase, there’s hardly anyone who’s following the COVID norms in the capital city.

Truth be told, not the most ideal example to be setting especially when one happens to be from the national capital of the country. We, the denizens of Delhi should be setting an ideal example of how to follow the COVID norms not be subjects of ridicule in front of the behaviour are city’s folks are setting!

So how is that? What is it that is going wrong and how can things be better?

As it turns out, it didn’t take long for the average Delhi-ite to flout COVID norms soon as the shopping malls opened, and the underground train stations began operating.

That the fact is that social distancing is something which is to be followed not be careless or complacent about is the problem facing most Delhiites. Hardly was anyone seeing maintain social distancing with tens of hundreds found openly moving about minus any face masks.

So what is one to do in such a situation? In fact, is this the way to conduct oneself when in the not so distant past, one saw a deadly second wave holding the scruff of the city’s neck, with the suffocating hold of COVID 19?

Just how careless can the people of Delhi be? It’s not that people are not aware of the peril danger that the Coronavirus is, which led to thousands of deaths around the country in the recent months!

A report published on the NDTV news network happened to share the following, which puts forth the alarming warning mentioned by the doctors that if such reckless behaviour continues, then there will be deadly times ahead:

But disease experts and doctors have cautioned that a race towards resuming business as usual would compromise vaccination efforts as only about 5% of all 950 million eligible adults have been inoculated.

Doctors say Delhi’s near-complete re-opening is concerning. The city’s authorities have said they would reimpose strict curbs if cases rise.

Thousands died in the capital in May, as oxygen supplies all but vanished and families pleaded on social media over scarce hospital beds.

People paid 20 times the usual price to secure ambulances and hearses, many died in parking lots, and morgues ran out of space.

All of that said, perhaps it is about time that one improved or picked up one’s socks and demonstrated far better behaviour than what has been seen, so far, in the public.

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